I recently moved in with some family in another state and they do now know about my fetish at all. I am lacking a vehicle so pick up at location isn't an option and one of them is self employed so I basically cannot order any online. I decided to walk up to a store and purchase some to have. The store options were CVS, Target, or Walgreens. Since I had tried Walgreens brand before and they leaked and Target was just too crowded for a shy DL like me I decided to go to CVS.

The day I chose to go for this walk it was raining. No biggy though I was going to bring a coat along to hide my purchase on the way back. The CVS itself was somewhat empty. Only two or three other customers and the cashier, a guy about my age was waiting at the register. He rang the package up but seemed somewhere between embarrassed, shocked, and humored by me buying them. No worries I am moving again soon and will never see him again : P. The walk home was a bit colder with my coat wrapped around my purchase yet I felt warmed by the excitement of getting home to try one on (or maybe it was the fact I walked two miles without eating breakfast xD).

The fitted briefs have two tapes on either side and cover the front and back well with padding. The padding is a bit thin but wearing two at once will give me the feeling I seek. They are cloth backed so don't have the comfy crinkle I prefer. Simply put they are no SDK's or M4's but they should work. They did work.

I've hidden them in some moving boxes wedged between stuff and things that nobody but me will dig through. Easy enough to get, but hidden enough not to be a risk I figure. Hopefully that will be the last time I ever have to purchase diapers in a store. In a few months I will have a vehicle aka freedom.

So I guess on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being towels in a garbage bag and 10 being me getting hit by a shrink ray and having vintage 1990's plastic diapers put on me I would rate the CVS fitted briefs a 6.