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Thread: Buying clothes a size too large!

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    Default Buying clothes a size too large!

    I love doing this. I buy all my outerwear a size up so that I can feel smaller in them. Does any body else do this?

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    Haha...I've bought jeans a size or two larger so I can wear diapers under them....sigh. My wife knows as she's with me when I buy clothes, and she roles her eyes. Actually, she ordered my bib overalls for me a couple sizes larger in the waist to accommodate a diaper...teehee.

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    I always buy 38" jeans...36" will fit...

    But, when out and about I need room for my sidearm...I never leave home without it...

    So, then 38" fit pretty well...

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    Me too ...on size up
    i can wear diapers every day and everywhere.. pretty good !

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    I just buy the normal size I always wear, I just get the Relaxed Fit jeans instead of Regular Fit. No one yet has noticed I'm wearing diapers underneath.

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    I just bought a pair of bib overalls from a store near where I live and when I got home to try them on they were way to big , but I admit they
    Did make me feel a lot smaller because they were so big.

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    I do it all the time, I usually buy a couple sizes bigger. It's just more comfortable.

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    And then there is the factor of wearing something almost just right or too small and the crotch seam just compresses the diapers and panties into a bunch and of course the inside of the diaper compresses too and if you have been bad
    the mess inside gets - well moved around and perhaps squirts out. You did not need to see that coming - the Baby Elephant walk did not need to be exaggerated but it is what it is - Leave some room for unintended consequences.

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