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Thread: Nice to meet y'all

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    Default Nice to meet y'all

    Nice to meet ya, call me watashinicksan or Nick.
    I found this site while searching for other AB/DL sites.
    About me... I'm going to school in Japan right now,
    but I'm from California.
    I'm interested in a lot of things such as learning Japanese,
    metal, videogames, Scifi shows, guitar, ect...
    I'm DL not really into AB although I have a fairly open mind
    to anything.
    Nice to meet you.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    Here, we love you. =D

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    *waits for avery to jump in on the Japan talk*

    Welcome to the site, which part of Japan are you in?

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    What is it like living in Japan? Ever since I saw Whisper of the Heart, I've been interested in visiting?
    Can you confirm anything I've heard about Japanese being more open about wearing diapers. I heard about an adult diaper fashion show and that kids are potty training really late.

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    I like living in Tokyo. There's a few things I prefer over living in San Francisco such as a superior train system and convenient stores and vending machines everywhere you look, and I like how most bars and restaurants stay open until 5 AM in case you miss the last train.
    As for them being more open to diapers, I haven't seen anything that would indicate that but I think in general Japanese are more in tune with taking care of themselves than Americans are, like how they wear those masks when they catch a cold for example. So there might not be as much of a stigma around it.
    Certainly the population has something to do with it, Japan has a huge elderly population

    I think I started being interested in diapers when I was a little kid because a family friend whose little girl was my age had to wear diapers to bed, when we were maybe 7 or 8 I think. I remember I might have caught a glimpse of her parents diapering her.
    Also when I was 10 or so my best friend would poop his pants sometimes, I didn't really know why. And he also talked about wanting to wear diapers.
    I'm also fairly sure a friend I know from 5th grade is AB/DL, because one time I was talking to some ab/dl person online and my friend noticed my screen name in the person's thing that shows who's been looking at your profile.
    I talked to him about it then but not since. Also when I was hanging out in highschool with him we bought diapers once as a joke, but I stole one and took it home with me.
    He said he had to throw them out or something, and we haven't really talked about it since.
    I haven't worn diapers in nearly a year, and likely almost another year until I can

    I read an article about commuters in China wearing diapers for convenience sake:
    When you’ve gotta go. . . Japundit Blog

    and here's that adult diaper fashion show you were talking about Dark Bringer:
    Japan holds diaper fashion show for adults -
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    konnichi wa. watashi wa avery desu. nihongo wa hanashimasen. niku mo sakana mo tabemasen. chotto mate, watashi no tomodachi wa nihon-jin desu.

    that's pretty much all i know how to say. XD

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