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Thread: My greatest fear come to life!!!

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    Unhappy My greatest fear come to life!!!

    right now i'm living with my grandparents while i attend college.
    and long story short, my grandparents found a bellisimo...and right now i am freaking out.

    they haven't confronted me about it.

    as far as i knew, i ran out of them a couple months ago; but apparently i missed one.

    they were rearranging stuff upstairs over the weekend, which they mainly just use for storage, and today i went upstairs to check on what became of my hiding spot. to my supprise i see a bellisimo laid out in plain view.

    so right now, i am scared out of my mind.
    part of me wants to try and ignore it and pray that it resolves itself and that nothing comes of it.

    but, another part of me thinks it might be a good idea to confront them and come out of the closet on this. if i approach things as responsibly and logical as possible, i might be able to convince them to keep my secret.

    i'm sure all of you can empathise with the fears i have with both of these scenarios. at the moment my mind is going a million miles a minute and i'm not confident that i'm thinking clearly.

    What i do know is that the ball seems to be in my court right now.
    so, does anyone have some sound advice for what my next move should be?

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    Personally, I wouldn't say anything unless they do. If they don't say anything, then chances are they either didn't totally realize what it was, or did but don't really care or are too polite to bring it up.

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    I agree with Kimba on this one. In any case, if they do bring it up I'd suggest researching all the areas that AB/DL involves, that includes the BDSM side of it too. Just be prepared for a long discussion.

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    I agree, if it isn't mentioned by them don't say anything, if they ask keep it honest, either 'come out' or say you don't want to talk about it .
    Reassure if they are concerned for your health.

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    My experiences with grandparents lead me to think that, unless they raised you, they're inclined to be pretty hands-off. I'm thinking it never gets mentioned. You are, after all, a "good kid" (adult!), finishing school and attending college. Why interfere?

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    We had this topic a lot of times so far...

    I think too that you could just wait and see what happens. There's no need to say anything that might work out different as you thought as long as no one is approaching you. However, it really depends on how your grandparents are in general.

    But anyway, are you really sure that they found it? Are you sure that they know what it is? That's why it's best to wait if you're not completely sure.

    Still, I would be prepared with what I had to say. My advice is: Don't talk too much, be a little clinical, so tell them some things, but not everything. It will be too much otherwise, surely.
    Depending on what you want to tell anyway, as example - explain calmly that there are some people who, for what ever reason, are compelled to wear diapers and unfortunately, you are one of them. Say that this does not dominate your life, but there's little you can do to make it go away. Just don't go into any details at all, despite that they may ask. You don't need to answer that, stay objective and don't let yourself getting pushed into defending yourself.
    Secondly, it would probably be good if they wouldn't talk with your parents about it, right? I don't know if it's going to work, but say that you'd like people not to know about this, since you're not happy about it at all.
    They might try to blame something or someone, especially since they may be a bit old fashioned if they're a bit older, but make it clear that there's no one to blame for this.

    But perhaps you're kind of lucky in the end and they might not say anything at all, despite that they may know about that thing they've found. Grandparents are usually much more forgiving and think it will "go away".

    Ultimately it's your decision on what to say or if at all, but do indeed think your reasons through.

    And best of luck anyway, it's not the end of the world. ;-)

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    The fact that they set it out somewhere instead of tossing it in the trash immediately might help out the situation. If it upset them greatly finding it, I doubt their reaction (so far) would have been so casual.

    For now, my biggest concern if I were you, would be two things:

    1. Figuring out if they intend to tell anyone else (like your parents) about what they found.
    2. Somehow finding a way to reassure them that there's no sort of medical need you have for diapers. If they are concerned for your health, the odds of them NOT keeping it to themselves is much higher.

    For now, I'd do what the other posters have suggested and stay quiet to wait and see what happens. If they approach you, there's no reason to tell them more than necessary, until you have a better handle on the situation.

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    Im not sure its a matter of letting sleeping dog lye, is it still where they found it? If so someone will have to move it at some point then questions may be asked. Personally I would wait for them to say something, and then explain like DeLira said. Good luck!

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    A few pieces of advice in case you do end up having to have a conversation.

    First, if it's really hard for you to talk about or you're really nervous, you can start out by telling them that and asking that they let you compose your thoughts and not interrupt during the conversation. A statement like "this is difficult for me" can put people in a mindset where they're ready to listen and make things less confrontational.

    Second, as you already suggested in your post, your attitude is important. Even if you are nervous, the more confident and mature you can present, the better.

    Third, you know these people better than any of us do. So if you know how to talk to them, don't forget all that stuff just because you're approaching a difficult topic.

    Good luck.

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    Whats a bellisimo?.

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