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    Default Nap time taking over

    I always have a nap time but lately I feel as if its taken over my life a little bit as I tend to be napping a lot and for long lengths of time. I can't walk at the moment and medication makes me very sleepy
    But even before then I found myself napping exessivly and I feel like its not good.

    Does anyone feel like this?
    How do you stop yourself from napping too much?

    I've got to a point where I feel like I can't function properly unless I get a nap or two especially if I've got something to do later on.

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    I usually don't take naps except when I'm in my little state of mind, its like as soon as I do I get really sleepy like I get really relaxed or something.

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    it would help to know how old you are. There is a certain age where all you do is sleep lol i went through that stage.

    Here are the solutions you can try:

    1 - get a full 8-10 hours at night


    2 - when you nap, don't nap for more than 20 minutes. Napping for 20 minutes gives you as much energy as you would have had you slept for 8. There are people out there who never even sleep 8 hours but make sure to sleep for 20 minutes every 2 hours and have all the energy they could possibly want. A 20 minute nap will result in a more groggy wake-up but after some time of being awake, you will be more energized than if you had slept an hour or two.

    Something to know about sleep:

    Our body's sleep counter is like the US Debt ceiling. It just keeps building up, and you can slow it down by doing the right things, but you can't make it disappear. All the sleep that you have deprived your body of in your lifetime, you will never get back. So when people say "i havent slept all week, i'll make up for it over the weekend" are fooling themselves because you simply can NOT make up lost hours of sleep. Your body is practically a clean slate every morning in every way except the sleep counter. If you live 80 years having lost approximately 15000 hours of sleep, you die without ever giving your body back those 15000 hours (its pretty fascinating actually) Have you ever noticed how when you dont get any sleep and decide to pull a full day of sleep, that you still wake up pretty tired? its because of this very reason.

    So yea, sorry for going off on a huge explanation like that, but just keep to 8 hour nights, and no more than 20 minute naps.

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    Like the post above, nap for only 20 minutes and make sure you're drinking plenty of water. Proper hydration does great things for the body.

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    Maybe it's something in the air... sometimes I sleep all night, then after being awake for three hours all I want to do is lay down and go back to sleep

    I think it mostly happens after eating things that are loaded with carbohydrates, like grilled cheese sandwhiches or pizza

    so now I don't eat very 'heavy' greasy/fatty foods early in the day

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    I think the human body gets "programmed" to sleep at certain times, and when it is time, it's time! for instance, i worked third shift for alot of years. I would sleep when I got home at 7 A.M., and try to stay awake after getting up at about 3 P.M. If I started taking a nap before work, I would find myself always feeling that need. I didn't really want to do that, so I forced myself to stay awake with no nap, and before long the body got used to being awake and I didn't feel the need any more. I think it is a matter of what you make your body get used to doing.

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