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    So, lately I find myself trying to find the perfect taping method. And by that I mean one in which the diapers tapes are perfectly even on both sides and the diaper fits snug. Now I know that it depends on the diaper but I have found myself switching more and more to the tape up method, taping the bottom first then the top. For the longest time I did it the opposite, then per some posters advice tried it the other way. Think im going to stick with tape up

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    For me I use the tape up method my self.

    For Starters; On a Dual Tape set I start with the bottom left tape second I do the bottom right tape and third I do the top left tape and finally I do the top right tape.

    For those Diapers with a Tri Tape set; I first do the Left middle followed by the right middle, Secondly I move on to doing the bottom left followed by the right bottom and finally I do the top left followed the top right tape.

    Don't ask me about quad tape sets as I have no experience nor the encounter of those kind if in existence.

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