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    So I was noticing a marked decrease in my urine output for several weeks, and I was thinking maybe things were changing for the better. Where I was used to having to change by at least late morning even in a Tena Slip Maxi, I was suddenly going almost the whole school day, and there were days when it was noon before I even wet for the first time, which was astounding! (Last summer and fall, for comparison, I never had a day when I would not have wet 3-6 times by then.)

    I was getting my hopes up...which is usually a foolish thing to do. It proved so.

    I guess the pendulum just swings sometimes. I have only been IC for about eleven months now, and have not had enough time to go through much in terms of pendulum swings. But after a few weeks of light days, I came crashing back to reality: wet by 9-10, needing to be changed by noon, needing to be changed again before going home after school...four or five diapers in a day. Just as it has been most of the time.

    I still am having an occasional light day, but it is the exception, and I know it. Do you all have ups and downs like this?

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    Some days is more than others...

    Really changes depending on your intake of liquid, salt, caffeine, etc...even sugar...

    So, it's normal as far as I'm concerned...

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    Yes, that does seem to be the pattern for me. It isn't necessarily that way for everyone. For instance, a spinal cord injury that completely cuts off voluntary control won't get better and worse. But for many of us, its a combination of neurological impairment, sphincter or pelvic floor weakness, and/or over-active bladder. If you have partial control, it can definitely get better and worse.

    There is some hope, though. Pay attention to what is happening when it is better and worse(e.g. diet, what you drink, stress, sleep patterns, etc.) For me, I haven't found a combination that is guaranteed to prevent a flare-up. They happen sometimes when I don't expect them, and can come on quite suddenly. But I know of things (lots of caffeine, sugar, sleep deprivation, carbonated drinks, emotional stress) that are almost certain to make it worse. I do what I can to avoid those triggers, and at the minimum it saves some money on supplies.

    The other thing to do is pay attention to how quickly your incontinence returns after a relatively calm period. If you end up hurrying to the bathroom a few times before it gets really bad, you might be able to take some days off from diapers, maybe just use pads. That not only saves money, it feels good and is good for your skin. On the other hand, accidents aren't fun. You'll know your body well-enough after a while to judge the risk of "going without" for awhile.

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