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Thread: How to Wear Diapers in Public

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    I wrote a blog about this the other day:

    Bottom line: I love wearing in public. It's a total rush. And, there'll come a time when you'll realize no one knows or cares what you're wearing under your pants. Also, for me, learning how to change standing up was a boon: it's now my preferred method of getting diapered even while I'm at home, and it's a crucial skill if (for example) you flood yourself a bit more than you were expecting and your M4s start leaking (not saying this happened to me last week or anything...).

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    As someone who suffers from anxiety, going out in public is hard. I have yet to change in public, but know the time will coming. My change bag is packed and ready to go. The most nerve wracking thing is wearing to work. If I get found out there, I'm sure to face the ridicule of some very insensitive co workers.

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    I just diaper up as usual, put a pair of the abena stretch pants on to hold stuff in place, either a onsie or just t-shirt and go about my day.

    My backpack has a large bag full of wipes, powder, baggies, clear duct tape and hand sanitizer. Put your changing kit in a bag... Powder leaks are not good.

    The hardest part is changing in public... Finding a decent place, one that has doors that latch on the stall, and wall space to back up against. The only other thing that turns me off when changing are those high velocity hand dryers.... Sorry the noise just kinda irritates me.

    I change and use that time to sit and try to poop too. Then I get Rediapered, bag up my old diaper and walk out of the stall like I own the joint and don't care who sees.

    I had lots of practice on vacation last year... Had to change all across this country when I drove from Ohio to Arizona and back.

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    I'm sort of confused by some of what the op said about barrier creams. I think it was mentioned to avoid using them as they interfere with the absorbency of the diaper. That's the first I herd this. Before I was rid that barrier is very important. I always use it and somtimes I use a lot of it. For me it acids diaper rash and chafing between the legs. Is it better to use just powder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapernh View Post
    The only other thing that turns me off when changing are those high velocity hand dryers.... Sorry the noise just kinda irritates me.
    I kinda like the hand dryers. Adds cover noise for ripping off tapes or other noises you make while changing.

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    I know many will not agree with what I like to do, but we all have different tastes and attitudes. Not only have I been wetting, but I have also often pooped over the years in public. If I'm up to doing it or afraid I might get a diarrhea rush, I make sure that my diaper is covered with a large pair of plastic pants. They must be large just in case of a leak from the diaper. When not at night, most of the time it was in winter while wearing a coat. There was little to see or smell from outside. I have done it while walking in busy streets, when paying the cashier at a supermarket or just walking through some crowded places, in a bus, the subway or a park. Never had a problem with it but of course know I will have to remain messy until I get back home, that could mean several hours after.

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    I think you have to find the diaper that suits you best and wear the clothes you want to wear rather than worry too much about other people. It's easy to get trapped by self consciousness and thinking that everyone can see and hear. I like smart, close fitting clothes and often wear a suit to work. It's not very obvious that I have a nappy on but noticeable to anyone who might pay attention to how I look or what I'm wearing. So I'm not hiding it but not forcing it on anyone either. I could wear a thinner one but like to wear something more substantial so I don't have to change as much. I think the starting point has to be that you wear the diaper you want to wear. It has been discreetly touched on at work and by friends and I had a particularly bad experience with one employer a few years ago, but being ashamed or covering up to avoid the negativity of others isn't the answer.

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    I think it comes more natural and easy over time along with how confident you are as a person. Our younger and less experienced brothers and sisters will naturally be unsure of themselves. I'm not incontinent but do live with extreme urgency with pee and especially poop. If I'm not within a a minute of a bathroom, it's going in my diaper. Yes, I've been wearing 24/7 for over a decade so perhaps with all that experience I've become very used to it. At home or in public, simply dosen't matter. I don't advertise it but I do own it. I couldn't live any other way. As for clothing choice, I always wear dark or black very baggy clothing. Since I've retired ( early at 57 ), my usual warm weather attire consists of some very baggy, dark shorts with a Columbia fishing shirt in 2x. When worn tails out (always), it comes down past my butt effectively hiding the diaper. And I do wear pretty thick diapers. Since it's not uncommon for me to have major messing accidents when out and about plus being a heavy wetter, I wear a confidry 24/7 as a "diaper liner" under a Kins pull-up cloth diaper under plastic pants. The "liner" keeps poop off my cloth diaper and makes clean-up so much easier. Yes, they are rather thick but I find that level of protection necessary. When worn for about an hour and when slightly damp they are surprisingly easy to walk in with no discomfort or waddle. Mobility is not an issue. Cold weather brings out very baggy sweats, 2x flannel shirts with tails out and various coats. When situations dictate, I'll wear some very baggy black dockers with some cool sweaters or a sports jacket. My other precautions include a good amount of desitin (has zinc oxide for superior protection - haven't had a diaper rash in years), Nullo tablets for odor control, and my heavy gage plastic pants. When at home I can wear my light weight plastic pants with, truth be told, more comfort. I will say that I detest loose stool and do everything I can to avoid it. I had about a foot of my large intestine removed decades ago (concentrated diverticulitis), the cause of my severe urgency. I was told to use a bulk producing fiber supplement and have had problem free, easy to pass BM's since the surgery. I rarely have the runs except for the occasional food poisoning like the rest of us. At those times I use Immodium to fix the problem. As for being out in public, like I said earlier, it takes experience and a natural level of self confidence. I live on a lake a block away from our old (175 year old village) downtown and will frequently take a stroll to the coffee shop, wine bar, various resturants and even the library. I've had numerous public "accidents", sometimes while in conversation with some other locals and haven't been "discovered". My only real problem is that with the bulk producing fiber supplement (I use Metamucil) I produce enormous volume multiple times a day. Since it is so difficult to change away from home with a pull-up cloth diaper, I don't. I have such good capacity that it just became a matter of getting used to having a (usually large) load in my diaper. I'll admit that it did take some getting used to. Now I have no problem with it. I've even sat in the library for a few hours with a load in wet diapers with no issue. I just need to be aware of how wet I am so I don't leak. With my level of protection it's so rare as to not even disserve a mention. Since I was a thumbsucking diapered bedwetter into my early teens I suppose it's been a lot easier for me to embrace and yes, even enjoy at times. And when I had to revert back to using diapers was nerve-racking in the beginning, I'm now so comfortable with it I'm not hardly ever bothered by it. So my advise is to take the proper precautions and relax. In all the years I've been wearing diapers I don't think anyone has noticed. And if they did, they didn't say anything. Most don't know or care.

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    One thing occurred to me just the other day and it really made me stop and say, "huh". Think of all the adults that wear diapers or some type of protection under their clothes. Just the incontinent alone. That means a lot of adults are going about their business wearing their business under their clothes. Yet I cannot think of one single time that I've ever spotted someone in public with one showing. So what am I so afraid of? I've probably unknowingly bumped into others just like me without even knowing it.

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    i wear pamper slip ons and a skirt when going outside so not to noticeable unless i did a big mess in them. i never wear footwear and suck on a pacifier so use to people staring at me. i kinda get a thrill about being noticed as a baby girl

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