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Thread: diaper rash immunity?

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    Default diaper rash immunity?

    I've read many posts about how some people can't stay in a used diaper for long because they are afraid of diaper rash. for some reason, I have never received a diaper rash, and I stay in my diapers for hours at a time, and sometimes even go to bed in a poopy diaper. so are there some people that are just immune to diaper rash, or am I just very lucky?

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    I would assume some of us like you, myself and many others, are just more resistant to it, I wouldn't think anyone is immune. I think powder/cream would be annoying, so lucky us I guess.

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    I too have noticed a resistance to diaper rash, but that's not to say I don't get it from time to time. I've noticed that if I have an upset stomach and get the runs from it, it seems to be more acidic, and therefore, I'm more likely to get a rash, or if I stay in a messy diaper for an excessive amount of time, like if it happens while I'm asleep earlier in the night and I don't go change, it will also happen then. But those seem to be about the only times I get one. I guess my skin is tougher than most ppls. Urine doesn't seem to bother me at all.

    I just thought it was something that came with age, the older you got, the more tough your skin gets.

    So I guess it all depends on your skin sensitivity as to how often and how severe the rashes will be.

    Congratulations on being more resistive to it. I know from experience that it isn't any fun to get it, and I'm glad too that it doesn't happen often.

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    What does diaper rash look like?

    Ugh nevermind, Google images is quite nasty :[ Yeah i've abused my skin quite bad then, I've sat in diapees for awhile and i've never gotten it (thank god!)

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    I get it fairly easily, but mostly due to the poor breathe-ability of disposable diapers. It's why my parents had me in cloth ones as a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    I get it fairly easily, but mostly due to the poor breathe-ability of disposable diapers. It's why my parents had me in cloth ones as a kid.

    I think that's also why I have a problem with most disposable diapers too. I just sweat so bad in them that I get a horrible rash from it. But not all of them do that to me, at least not as quickly as others do. The Depends were the worst for it. This is why I only use cloth now, although I'm still looking for a good disposable to use when it's just too difficult to use the cloth ones. I've got a new thread in the diaper forum about that too, if anyone would care to offer their opinions.

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    People have different skin. some is more sensitive than others. I have really sensative skin and i get rashes from just staying in the sun for a couple of hours. I've never been in a diaper long enough to get a rash, but I know once i get the chance to i'll come out with a hefty rash.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I never get diaper rash. Part of it is that I change my diaper within a reasonable time. The longest I stay wet is when I'm sleeping (of course). The other factor is using a high-quality diaper. A good diaper will neutralize the acid contained in urine. A good diaper will wick urine from the top sheet into the core so that the top sheet remains only slightly damp instead of soaking wet.

    Depends and generics do a *lousy* job with Ph and wicking. The few times I've had to use them my skin got irritated very quickly.

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    i always get it from messing in nappies, unless i wear them for no more than 15 mins. i rarely mess anyway.

    but wetting i usually don't get any rash.
    unless i sleep in a very wet nappy or stay in one for more than 12 hours.

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