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    I am a fairly shy ABDL. I’m married with a fantastic wife who supports me fully. I only recently “came out” to her and that was a great thing to do if you have a supportive, loving wife and a strong relationship. I have always considered myself a DL, but am now exploring my more AB side and enjoying it. I find it incredible when my wife puts me in a diaper.

    Outside of my ABDL I enjoy socialising and have a great love for wine. In my spare time I also enjoy sport, cycling, hockey, racing etc. and read a lot of books.

    I am really pleased that I found this site. It has helped me come to terms with myself and admit that I am not some kind of freak and also that I am not alone out there. As I am sure a lot of people here know, it can be a lonely time liking diapers, not realising that there are hundreds of thousands of us. I have always feared the social stigma of being caught. This site has also been a great help to me to help explain things to my wife.

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    Hey there,
    cool intro. Actually most of us are shy here. oh and btw that's so cool that your wife is accepting you and even cooler that she's willing to participate. you're way ahead of a lot of people here.


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    @ babymt: That's great that your wife supports you. I told my fiancee that I was DL over 2 years ago and we've talked/argued/and everything in between about it since. I agree with you about finding it incredible being diapered by your significant other. The experience is in my top 3.

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