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    This month i get to take a trip with some friends to California, and it turns out I'm going to be able to get some alone time while I'm there as well. I was hoping to find some pharmacies or some medical supplies stores while I'm there. I'm going to be staying in the San Bernardino County area. Obviously i cant explore multiple cities so if anyone knows any stores in said area that carry quality brand diapers (molicare, abena, dry 24/7, etc.) i would love some suggestions or reviews. Thaaaaaanks

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    My recommendation to start with would be to google "medical supply stores near san bernardino" and start looking through there. Most will have an online shop, or some pictures of the inside of the store that you can use to get an idea of what they carry. I've also noticed that google maps now actually extends streetview into storefronts a lot of the time, so that's another option for reconnaissance. That's how I found several in the san diego area at least. Also, don't expect abena or dry27/4. At most you'll get molicare, some form of horrible (compared to tena slip) cloth backed tena variant, or maybe tranquility ATN. Also expect to see lots of prevail, attends, and nu fit.

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    Google maps has proven unreliable for me most time, and as for general web searches turn up stores with generic brands or depends at best. I need a store that has quality brand, i was hoping to find someone here who knows a store in san bernardino county from experience rather then a general search inquiry

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    Sorry to say it, but none of the better diapers you referenced are available from stores in the Inland Empire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D0ris View Post
    general web searches turn up stores with generic brands or depends at best
    Not to nitpick (and I get that you're looking for firsthand info), but I wasn't recommending a "general websearch". I was specifically recommending the terms "medical supply store". Those are the stores that will carry diapers that aren't drugstore brand stuff.

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    DMES in Fountain Valley on the corner of Magnolia and Atlanta carries Abena and the better variety of Tena on the shelf all the time. Just walk in, pick them off the shelf, pay and walk out. So simple!

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    Also in OC, @ Beach/ Talbert there is a West Drugs that sells plastic Attends, but beware - they stopped providing black bags. DMES is your best bet, but as far as Berdoo proper all I've found is Golden Valley Medical on Highland - all they really offer is First Quality. They have mediums in plastic but at $13 a bag I only got them because I was about to go through withdrawals

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