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Thread: Music player/management recommendation? Windows 7/Windows Phone 8

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    Default Music player/management recommendation? Windows 7/Windows Phone 8

    I call upon the knowledge you all have for some recommendations. Namely, I am looking for better software to manage my music and sync it with my phone. Windows Media Player is slow as fuck on my computer and clunky too. I've tried MediaMonkey, but I'm not convinced by it, either.

    The biggest thing I'm looking for is smooth ease of access and organization and syncing. I'm running Windows 7 on a slow-as-fuck Netbook (if your suggestion is to get a better computer, I appreciate it but that's not happening until employment, house projects, a better car for Mr. Aurkarm, and a whole bunch of other stuff), and I'm syncing to a Nokia Lumia 1020 (Windows Phone 8). I don't really play music from my computer, well, ever. If I want to listen to music, it's always off my phone, either via the Aux input in my car, headphones, or the USB input on my surround receiver at home.

    So, what do you recommend?


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    Have you had a look at MusicBee? It's a pretty good organiser/player. I haven't tried to sync files across devices with it, but I think you can probably... maybe... do that...?!

    MusicBee - Music Manager and Player

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    Spotify Can Manage local file music as well as live stream music on demand. im not sure how the free version works as i have the $10 pro subscription, but i do know they have a free plan and can manage local files.

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    Those are the times when you start to miss Winamp a bit...

    Itunes will probably never work at all... that good, especially on a rather slow netbook, fortunality. But anyway - I can recommend Foobar2000 ( - It's a nimble open-source audio only player. You can practically do everything with it, if you don't mind to read some guides/tutorials of course.
    It's extremely light on system resources, can handle massive music libraries without choking, supports incredibly rare file formats & it supports ReplayGain, which does an amazing job of making sure your music is all played at the same relative volume and loudness. The downside though is the little fact it can be a little daunting to get used to at first. The typical joke is that it ain't used that much since most people rather spend more time listening to their music than tweaking their media player.

    How to sync playlists:
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