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Thread: I know this has been asked before but I need an updated list.

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    Default I know this has been asked before but I need an updated list.

    Hey are there any places in America that sell footed/onesie pjs with:

    cute designs for males, hoods with ears, tails, customization options like color, and a reasonable price.

    If there doesn't exist one in america I just need one that has a good price.

    I have seen Kigurumi's but the ones I have seen do not have feet and I do not want something with a giant leg gap in the middle.

    I have seen the all in one company: Onesies & all in one sleepsuits by the all in one company

    The main issue with them is that they cost way to much in my opinion. The shipping ends up rocketing the price.

    My last option would just be to sew my own I guess.

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    Have you searched kigurumi pajamas? They are animal shaped hooded onsies. Sazac makes the best, but they are in japan. They aren't as thick as what you posted, but they are still very warm. And the price is about $60ish.

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