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    Hey Guys and Girls,

    I'm from the UK and I'm 25yr old Adult Baby.
    I've been fascinated about the AB world since I was a teenager.
    I started reading baby articles on and the thought of a woman forcing their husbands was really fascinating to me. Thinking to myself I wish I forced to suck a dummy/pacifier. Anyone else feel the same?
    I've bought a few dummies/pacifiers over the years as well as a couple of baby bottles. I currently have five dummies/pacifiers to my collection right now. I tend to use them from time to time and I use the Cherry Teat nipple normally. I've tried the Nuk 3 before but I wasn't really keen on the nipple at all so I stuck with the Cherry Teat .
    I wouldn't say I'm a full AB but I do enjoy some aspects of and would like to try being dressed in full you could say .
    My wife to be knows that I use a dummy/pacifier and has tried herself and I've taken a bottle from her before. She's very understanding .
    Other than the AB side of me, I'm a qualified Electrician and I'm into Football, Wrestling, Gaming, Going out for dinner, Cinema and relaxing at home.
    Hit me up if you fancy a chat , I'm easy to get on with kinda guy.
    Thank you for reading


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    Hello, startrooper,
    Welcome to the site. I think you'll find that you have a lot in common with a lot of members here. You're one of the lucky ones to have such an understanding partner. Is the startrooper name a science fiction reference? Have fun, and see you around the forums.

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    howdy Startrooper!
    you sound really cool XD i've never heard of that website but i agree that sounds SUPER DUPER AWESOME!! i'm gonna check it out later, thanks for spiking my curiosity (its killed this cat before so why not) youre sooooo lucky you have someone that understands it and is coolw with it, and what's your favorite movie (that you've seen recently)? what position do you play in football? (i'm assuming you mean soccer but either one) and what video games do you like?

    -david/butterscotch =)

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    Hey Guys,

    Thank you for making feel so welcome .
    Yeah she's understanding of me, which is just amazing.
    Soccer I tend to play anywhere really. I play 5 A-Side from time to time you see. I've never really played for a full squad other than at school.
    Hmm favourite movie now you've got me haha, I'd have to say Die Hard as in the first one. It's a classic and I'm you would agree.
    I love playing on Fifa 14 just now, Halo 4 and WWE 2k14. I'm a massive wrestling fan, big kid I know but aren't we all who's on here .
    What do you like my friend?
    Thank you again for the reply It's made my day .
    I like Star Wars and Star Trek aswell hence the username.


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    star wars! i love star wars! not just the movies but KOTOR and all the books and shows and other stuff (God bless whoever put up the entire clone wars CN episodes) and i used to play soccer back when i was younger, mostly defense. my favorite games are Ghosts and Halo Wars, along with Just Dance 3. my favorite movies that ive seen recently are the LEGO Movie and Secret Life of Walter Mitty. oh and Lone Survivor.

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    Awesome . I'm not really big on Ghosts but Modern Warfare 2 and 3 are pretty good but that's just me ha. Yeah Everything is Awesome , the Lego Movie is up there in books for one of the best films of the year already. I haven't seen Secret Life of Walter Mitty yet or the Lone Survivor. What else are you into?
    Hope you are both well .

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    lol everything is awesome lone survivor is super good (even if the title gives the ending away) and SLWM is a funny and really cool film, one of those what-is-life?-type of movies XD i'm also into dubstep and bubblegum dance and Ouran High School Host Club, along with a few mainstream things like big tie rush and phineas and ferb and Top Gear (UK)

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    Awesome . I'll have to watch Lone Survivor. What's big tie rush? I watch Top Gear I love the special episodes that they do.

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