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Thread: Adult Babys on Fetlife

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    Default Adult Babys on Fetlife

    Hey guys I seem to be using alot recently and was wondering if anyone else used it. If so add me my user is NZ_Pup. I'm a 19 year old casual guy. Flick me a message im open and I won't judge. See you guys around

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    Hey man nice to meet you! I have a fetlife, my username is nites. Pretty easy to find me. You can add me as a friend if you want. And feel free to message me any time, here or on fetlife. Im always up for meeting new people.

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    i used to use it (before my parents found it and destroyed my account) and it was fun for a very short while, until guys pretending to be girls started talking to me asking me to come visit them, that they had all the diapers i'd ever need and they'd buy me cute clothes. at first i figured i'd play along (just to get stuff) but eventually it became a big problem, and people kept talking to me that i didnt wanna talk to. plus the cool people/mommies i met there were all too busy to talk to me and people we're nice only a short while. the picture display/navigation was very easy to use, and i liked the function of being able to say all the things you were into. through that i actually found more stuff i didnt know about that then intrigued me after learning it existed lol but alas, i no longer have my account there, and idk if i wanna go back, since i have no way to get to there (i use college computers) and no way to post pictures. but, my experience there was very short-lived, so perhaps i didnt get to experience all the benefits that draw so many to it.

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    What do you know, another New Zealander.

    Yeah I don't use Fetlife at all, but I kick around here a bit. I also live in Greytown too, if that's of any interest.

    See you around, maybe. :3

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    I stay away from sites like fetlife
    their to creepy for me.

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    I got fetlife but dont check it often but if you want hit me up user name is the same as on here just message me and say adisc first or bad things happen ie. Blocked

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    I use fetlife semi oftenly, same name as this account, but its nice to see a few adisc people on there.

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    I too have an account there as well...

    Same name as here.

    But, I rarely check it...maybe once every month or so...

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    I'm on fetlife using an embarrassing name I intend to change, but I will friend you there

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