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    About This Guide

    This guide explains how to create & maintain your own chat room on the ADISC chat server.
    It assumes you're already familiar with how to use the Live Chat, and just want a quick guide to creating your own channel.

    How To Register A Channel

    (1) Register with NickServ:
    /msg nickserv register NSPASSWORD EMAILADDRESS
    NSPASSWORD is a new password specifically for NickServ. It is completely separate from your ADISC login.
    You will get an email sent to you.
    This email will contain an authorization code used to confirm your nickserv registration.

    (2) Join the channel you want:
    /join #CHANNELNAME

    (3) Request registration of it via ChanServ:
    • #CHANNELNAME is the channel you want to register
    • NEWCSPASSWORD can be any random password.
    • DESCRIPTION is a short description of the channel's purpose.

    From this point onwards, whenever you are identified with NickServ (/msg nickserv identify NSPASSWORD),
    and join the channel, you will automatically get ops (moderation abilities) on the channel.

    Limits On Channel Registration
    1. Content
      1. Channels must remain ADISC-appropriate.
      2. This applies to all aspects of channels, including in-channel chat, channel names, and channel topics.

    2. Special Channels
      1. Channels with "adisc" in the name may only be registered by Moo.
      2. Channels named after a member may only be registered by that member.

    3. Number of registrations per person
      1. Each person may only register up to two channels.
      2. If they wish to register more than this, they need to contact Moo and explain why.

    4. Channel expiry
      1. If a channel is not used for 1 week (ie: neither its owner, nor any of its AOPs, join) then its registration will expire, and it may be registered by anyone else with ops.
      2. Normal users (non-aops) joining the channel does *not* make it count as "used".

    5. Staff
      1. Staff may see, and visit, any channel.
      2. Staff may not be removed from channels.
      3. Moo reserves the right to deregister/block channels, or to revoke the ability of specific users to register channels.

    6. Secret channels
      1. Channels set +s are "secret". When a normal ADISC member looks at the list of chat channels on the server (e.g: by typing "/LIST" in their client) these channels will not show up.
      2. Staff, however, can see secret channels, and all of the above rules (including those under "Staff" above) still apply to secret channels.

    How To Add A Channel Operator

    Channel operators have moderator powers over the channel.
    You can make someone a temporary operator in your channel by using: /mode #CHANNELNAME +o THEIRNAME

    To make someone a permanent operator:
    1. They need to register with NickServ (see above)
    2. Then, you need to type: /msg chanserv aop #CHANNELNAME add THEIRNAME
    3. Once you type this, they will automatically get ops every time they join, so long as they have identified to nickserv (/msg nickserv identify NSPASSWORD) before joining.

    Howto Remove A Channel Operator

    To remove a temporary OP:
    To remove an AOP:
    /msg chanserv aop #CHANNELNAME del THEIRNAME
    If the person is currently in the channel at the time you remove them, you will need to use both of these.

    If You Change Your ADISC Username

    Then, from the new username:
    /msg nickserv group OLDNICKNAME NSPASSWORD
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