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Thread: anyone else suffer from a TBI?

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    Default anyone else suffer from a TBI?

    curious to see if anyone else in here has survived a traumatic brain injury.

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    Yes, I have...

    About 4 years ago was in a 60mph head on with the other car at speed as well...

    I snapped off the front of my right foot, and went through the windshield...engine ended up in the passenger seat...

    I was tested a couple years back...and my short term memory is very poor to say the least...

    Anyhow, injuries to my bran were detected and I also have a bad rotator cuff and three bad vertebra too boot...

    But, according to whiteneses at the scene they all thought I was dead...But I crawled out of the car...albeit very bloody...

    Anyhow, why you ask?

    P.s. I also have survived, one plane crash, two gun shot wounds (one a ricochet), several stabbings, and spinal meningitis when I was like 2...

    Gues I'm too stupid to die

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    I survived a 30 foot nosedive onto a steel floor, broke my face, right worst, shoulder, herniated my disc and had to have it removed and c-6 c-7 fused in my neck, took 7 months for them to X-ray my shoulders to see my right was broken and my left was not great. been through tow surgeries, a coma in the hospital, lost 90% of the vision in my right eye, went status when they intubated me(months before I was diagnosed with epilepsy)and Im still dealing with the brain injury and recovery, waiting 3 months now on a nuero psych eval results, but my memory is crap, and I have emotional issues, still can't drive or work, and my career is over, so Im starting life over again. Being bisexual and an AB and into kink has made me a bit more lonely as Im surrounded by vanilla heterosexual bible thumpers who keep trying to push Jebus down my throat. Its lonely, and I live alone with 5 dogs in a rural redneck community.

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    Born preme and had a stroke at birth.. Kinda neat to see the damages section on CT. Golf ball sized nothing spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    P.s. I also have survived, one plane crash, two gun shot wounds (one a ricochet), several stabbings, and spinal meningitis when I was like 2...

    Gues I'm too stupid to die
    Mate, Ok a Plane Crash? and how di you manage to get shot, like twice (including the ricochet)... and stabbed - like several times?
    Sounds like an entertaining life story... care to elaborate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    I snapped off the front of my right foot
    Oh god, what? Snapped it off, as in the front of your foot came off?

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    I've had some dangerous jobs...

    Let's see, flight instructor/commercial pilot...only one crash...single engine plane...engine out just after takeoff...that's my most recent profession...

    Before that, contract security...only got a couple wounds doing that...including the ricochet...

    Now, another gunshot was an accident at trap club...

    Used to live in s. a couple stabbing there...muggings...

    Got rolled in sturgis back in the 90's too...stabbed with a screwdriver a couple times...but I kept my stuff in the end...

    Got cut/stabbed in left hand a couple times during a bar fight...

    After all issues...all good...

    Then a lady decided to not obey any traffic laws at all...yep an accident...and I was in my little winter beater car...

    That snapped and shattered the ball of my foot off...yes it was a nice open wound...and, brain injury, still have huge lumps on my head, and wrecked c-4-5-6 in my neck, and right shoulder, and some other misc detached muscles...

    So, after surviving some basically dangerous professions...I end up broken from a simple car accident...

    Today, I can walk about 1/4 mile without help...take plenty of drugs to do that...

    Photo...warning gross!

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    I didn't know if I should respond as I function well, but when I was 14, I walked out into traffic and got hit by a car doing 40 mph. The steel bumper snapped both bones in my lower leg. I was launched over the car, the fender hitting my head leaving a round dent which still shows. I have no memory of being hit, as I was unconscious, lying on Rt. 37, the road to Seaside, Jersey Shore.

    Oddly, before the accident, I was only interested in girls, but afterward, I began to notice boys. I've often wondered if the injury to my head had something to do with it.

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    I'll tell you one thing...count yourself luck you don't remember that event...

    I can remember every smallest detail on my accident even what the lady was wearing...until my head went through the windshield...then the next day or so is a bit of a mess...but I don't recall any of the pain...also don't recall quite a few things that the people on sceen do...

    now, as to the change...I know I've noticed, and other have noticed more than I, many different character changes...mostly that I'm much more laid back than before...

    Also, I at sometime or another every nite my mind will play back that accident in every detail...the sounds of the car crushing, the engine stopping, thee glass crushing under my head, the sights are vivid, and even the smells...

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    I got hurt on a 19th of November, I started to kind of remember stuff around december, don't remember the fall, only kinda remember the morning of the fall, after looking at text messages I sent that morning while walking into the building, was in an induced coma for a while because I was combative, I do have nightmares when I dream of hospital security holding me down by my broken wrist, some of it may have happened I was delusional, I also have vivid memories of crashing in a plane in the 1940-1950 era and dying, when they tried to ask me where I worked in the hospital I said the Army, Ive never been in the army, and I thought I had been in a plane crash, at one point I walked out of the hospital in nothing but a gown and walked across the street to find food, but was very sad to discover I had no wallet, Im told I even called my Mom, she freaked out and could hear traffic on my phone, when I was suppose to be in a hospital bed,

    My memories of all this are dream like, or nightmarish, took me a long time to comprehend that I had brain damage and that it was serious, I was high functioning but a mess, I wished I had died, and still do sometimes, but not as much as I use to, things slowly improve. The switch that controls my emotions is somewhat fucked but Im learning to adapt, I even keep a daily journal now, partly because I can't remember the details of days past, or when I did things, short term memory is still shot.

    I came out on Facebook as bisexual because I was pissed off by a close friends ignorant texts one night. Still have certain family members that are in denial or just ignorant and have no idea. Dying once now has changed my life, I refuse to ever try to conform just to make everyone else happy, because thats what I did my whole life, I was a little coward, I rarely met other AB's and Id get scared when I met ones I liked, didn't want all my "friends" to know that I liked guys and girls, and frankly lately I can only get an erection to gay porn, to many failed relationships with women, but I do still get aroused and look at a nice female body, at some point I think I just got tired of it all,

    Years before I fled the closet I had a beautiful young man that shared himself with me, but he was in a different city and there was an age difference and our kinks just didn't match up in the end and I could be so heartless at times, specially if I thought someone didn't love me really. I also had an older friend that babysat me when he came to Vegas, and is a real gem, now lives in Vegas and has a "son" I also experimented quite heavily when I was young

    Im just rambling now, it happens.

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