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    Hi Im going by the name Aby, but some may know me as Maffew, been around since DPF was a big deal, I was a member here a long time ago, butI requested to leave a long time ago as I felt I was being singled out by a few people I thought were bullies, thats was years ago, since then life got kind of insane, a year ago I sustained a brain injury from a fall, lost the vision in my right eye, and have been stuck at home with just my dogs for company for a year, took a long time to heal from various surgeries, kind of starting life over again, have no idea what Im going to do. I miss the company of other people like me, Im surrounded by religious nut jobs and Im depressed. So Im hoping to meet new and old friends and talk.

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    Hello Aby and welcome to the group.

    I am Sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations that you have gone thru.

    I am sure that you will be able to find lots of people to talk to in the forums.

    Again welcome to the group and I hope to see your post in the Forums.

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    Hi Aby and welcome. I am also sorry to hear about your experiences. I hope that you will find what you are looking for here. Hope to see you around.

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    Hi Maffew and welcome back to the site. As you can see, there's an entirely new active membership, or almost. It's like you have a brand new start. I'm sorry for your fall and injury. It sounds like you've had a tough time. I hope things will get better for you.

    I hope being back on the site will help. We all need some sort of supporting family. Maybe we can be that for you.

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    I feel old sometimes, seen so many people and websites come and go, I remember when DPF was the big website, or AOL had a "diapers" chat room, I still see a few names I know from back then, it's great and bitter sweet. I was so shy and in the closet and really regret not living life more fully, though I don't regret my life, it had its moments of joy, but I could of had more fun, now I have to work on being the best dirty old man I can be while forever holding on to whats left of my youth, these days I don't play baby games much any more, but I do still take comfort in a thick diaper, and have often needed them at bedtime anyways. Im happy to be back, though it is a much younger crowd, somehow I became one of the old guys, and it kind of blows my mind because it seems like it happened overnight.

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    Sorry to hear about your los. I lost my sight on both eyes a Little more than a decate ago, so I kinda know the feeling. Just enjoy what you can see and use it to the fullest.
    Other than that... Welcome back, though I don't know you. Then Again, I just recently joined this forum myself, so that's probably why. ^^

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    I also was a long time member of DPF and met Tommy several times. Is Tommy still living in Calif.?

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    Is there anyone else in this chat room that can assist me posting notes etc.. ?

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    I remember DPF. I found an advertisement for it in The Advocate magazine and when I sent them a request for some information about it, they sent me a brochure with about twenty pages, showing stories, videos, and all kinds of ABDL paraphernalia that I never knew existed. This was long before the internet and it was my first clue that I wasn't alone in this world.

    Aby, I'm sorry for the difficult trials you had to endure in your life. I think you and I may be around the same age, and although I'm not comparing my experiences to yours, I found my way late in life, and often wish I had been able to get to where I am much sooner. I got held back because of a horrible upbringing. I guess it is the struggles that we have had to overcome that makes us who we are today, and we are survivors of tough circumstances. Your experiences will be valuable to share on this site, and I hope you find the support as well.

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    Tommy I believe passed away a few years ago, he had dementia or Alzheimers, DPF was for sale, not sure what happened to it or if his kids just wanted to be done with it, not sure what ever happened to Marky, last time I spoke to Tommy we argued about the chat rooms and his refusal to update them so people on Mac's could still use them, that or I was banned, he had a temper. He was a leader though and jumped in the water back before the internet.

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    I went by Maffew or MM2492 back in the day.

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