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    I just got my order from Cuddlz today, and put the diapers up until I have a day off to try them. As the day wore on, the urge to put one on an try it grew. When my mom left to go to a friends house, the opportunity came. I stripped down and put one of the diapers one with my sleep ware. They are really comfortable and the tapes stretch a little to get a tight and secure fit. They feel a little bit thicker that the ABU diapers I normally wear. Also, of all the plastic back diapers I've worn, they are the quietest of all of them. They still make noise when I walk but not as much as the others.

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    Some people just have no will power lol

    I had a package delivered from Cuddlz yesterday, it contains 4 baby print disposable nappies (2 printed all over and 2 printed panel) and a NUK dummy. Although my G/F saw the package I've managed to wait 14 hours to open it (after she went to work) No idea when I'm going to get the chance to try them out

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    I was lucky enough to try a 2-pack of Cuddlz last year. The fit and feel are amazing! I would compare them to Tena Slip Ultra with a distinct 'babyish' look. I may, in the future, seek to buy a pack of them without the exorbitant cost of shipping them to the US. [sigh]

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