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    Many threads are posted on ADISC to ask for advice on sizing for AB/DL items. A few minutes could save the hassle of wasting money because you bought diapers that were too big, or having to ship back your order because your clothes are too small. Having proper measurements can save time and money.


    You will need:
    - A fabric measuring tape
    - String or yarn and a ruler

    Fabric measuring tapes can be found at most stores in the sewing or crafting section. I've even found them at local grocery stores. If you have anyone in the house big into dieting or sewing you are very likely to find one at home. They usually range between $1-$2. If you are planning on buying custom AB clothing this would be a good investment as keeping accurate measurements is helpful to you and whoever is making your clothing.

    If you are using a string and ruler, hold your placement of where the two ends meet and lay it down next to a ruler. Make sure the string is not too taught or loose. You can even mark your spot with a different colored marker to make sure your measurements are more accurate.

    Taking Measurements For Diapers

    For proper fitting you will need two very important measurements: waist and hips. For males waist and hip measurements will usually be very close, however most females have larger hips than their waist.


    Take your measuring tape or your string and keep it at the top of your hip bone all the way across.


    Measure the widest part of your butt. Make sure that it is the widest part and that it is even all the way around.

    Measuring is not as complicated as it seems. Take the larger of the two numbers and use that one to determine your diaper size. Boys should note that for the most part waist size will be very similar or the same as pant size.

    Taking Measurements for Custom Diapers or Diaper Covers

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    If you use cloth diaper or diaper covers such as plastic pants you may require a few additional measurements in addition to the ones above. It is also important to note that if you are taking your waist or hip measurement for a diaper cover to take these measurements with a diaper on.


    To ensure that your plastic pants do not leak out of the leg hole it is important to make sure they have a snug fit around the inner thigh. The leg gather of a diaper cover would sit at the joint of the leg. This area is where your leg meets your body, or in other words, closest to your groin. Just as before, go all the way around keeping a comfortable and straight line.

    Taking Measurements for Clothing

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    Some of you are ABs who would like some babyish clothing. Most premade items such as shortalls and onesies only ask for measurements such as trunk length and chest, but there are some additional measurements needed for custom orders.


    Take your measuring tape and hold it around your chest from armpit to armpit. This should be the fullest part of your chest. As with the other measurements try to keep the line as even as possible the complete way around.

    For women: this can be a little trickier depending on what you wear under your clothing. I know I wear sports bras or binders to compress my chest, if this is the case for you too, put on your bra or binder and take the measurements in the same manner as above. If you wear a bra you must take two measurements. First, take a snug measurement right under your bust; if you've ever taken measurements for a bra you should be familiar with this. Then, take another measurement around the fullest part of your bust. The average of these two numbers should be your chest size.

    Trunk Size:

    Trunk length is usually either the measurement between your shoulder and crotch or your neck to crotch. This is used for onesies and rompers, however, some shops will only provide a height measurement in their sizing chart. For this be sure to check with the website of whomever you are ordering to see which measurement they require. They are very picky and will usually provide a diagram for the measurement.


    This is probably the most commonly miscalculated measurement. Most assume that they can take their tape or string right around their neck, which isn't the case. Locate the cavity in your collar bone at the bottom of your neck, at shoulder height. It should feel like a small “v” indentation. The proper way to take your measurement is start and end in that cavity. This is your accurate neck size.

    *Note* if a website asks for a trunk measurement from neck to crotch, this would be the spot from which to take the measurement.

    Points to Remember

    When taking measurements it is important to keep the tape snug but not too loose nor too tight. Stand up as straight as possible to prevent slouching and stay as relaxed as possible. Sucking in your stomach is not going to help you.

    If you are taking your waist or hips measurement for clothing that you will be wearing over diapers, you should wear diapers while taking the measurements. If you do not, your clothing will be way too snug and will not accommodate for those days when you want to double up.
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