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Thread: Public awareness of ABies / Infantilism

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    Default Public awareness of ABies / Infantilism

    Given that I'm new here, I have to assume this has been discussed previously. Just in case, here's something I've been wondering given recent reading:

    Are there any estimates (reliable or otherwise) of the general public's awareness of 'paraphilic infantilism' or AB/TB/DL's?

    If so, what are those estimates? Failing that, what would be our best guess? I might need to get back to Bitter Grey's Understanding Infantilism; perhaps he's addressed this.

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    I am not sure, but I could say that it's a really low number, can't tell though.

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    I'm always surprised about how many people I know know about abdls. I'd say about 1/5 of my class at school has heard about them in some form. My boss at my last job knew about them in great detail. Two of my 3 brothers knew about it. Now all of these people are either internet whores or kinky whores, lol, so that's why they know. Still, it's more than I would have ever suspected.

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    I think that people know that there are people who love diapers. Just like they know that there are people who love feet, or hair, or what-have-you.

    If it exists, there's a fetish that loves it.

    They may not know what else it entails, and they may not know a name for it. But they know it exists.
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    Generally the public may not be surprised to know, or may already know that there are such a thing as diaper fetishists and adult babies, but their level of awareness of what such a fetish entails is lacking. It would be like asking a typical member of our community for details on a foot fetish; we understand that it exists and may know something of the basics of the fetish, but we don't know anything more detailed than that unless we are into that particular fetish.

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    I would say that at least 50% of the population probably has at the very least a basic awareness of the fetish. What makes me say it's such a high number? The popularity of a television programme known as "CSI" (the original version not the Miami & New York ones). This particular programme is noted for it's epicly over-the-top portrayals of fetishists...furries in "Fur & Loathing", ABs in "King Baby", S&M in several episodes featuring the lovely dominatrix 'Lady Heather', foot-fetishists in "I Like to Watch" (and I'm fairly certain other episodes...although I may be thinking about Law & Order:SVU episode "Tortured")

    Television brings fetishism to the world on a daily basis...if it's not being talked about on's being sensationalised on one or more of the top 'dramas'!

    Granted, these programmes over-emphasise the fetishes to the point of ridiculousness, but....people become 'aware'! They may not remember all the silly little how the rapist in the CSI episode "I Like to Watch" liked to pamper the feet of his victims even painting their toenails....but they will remember that he had a rather 'weird' fascination with feet! Or, how the victim in "King Baby" liked enemas...but rather that he was found on the driveway wearing nothing but a giant cloth diaper! make a long story short...people are aware (sometimes without even being aware that they're aware) of fetishes of all sorts...including infantilism.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I would guess that the number of people who have heard of the existence of diaper fetish is moderately high. However, I'd also estimate that very few people have a realistic *understanding* of the way it works (ie AB vs DL). Also, thanks to crap sites like Deeker's, a lot of non-ABDL people doing casual research on the subject will come to the conclusion (an incorrect conclusion) that ABDLs are also pedophiles.

    Of course, when you look at it objectively, the ABDL phenomenon is basically an unorthodox clothing choice (diapers instead of underwear). There are a lot stranger practices out there!

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    I don't think it's that well known. I've never heard anyone in person demonstrate or suggest a knowledge of infantilism.
    But I'm surprised it isn't. Like how are furries more known? Not to sound rude but I find it hard to understand how people would get the idea they are an animal. The idea that people would want to be younger or pretend to be a baby isn't really that strange.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Actually, I can see how furries could be more well-known than ABDLs.

    I'm not a furry, but I'd have to say that *not* identifying with aspects of animal traits is a peculiarity of the three Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). Many Pagan traditions seek out the assistance of animal-based spirit guides. I think the need to identify with a spirit guide is part of our collective subconscious. The fact that the Abrahamic faiths dominate most of the worlds cultures have sort of boxed-in our access to the collective subconscious, yet it still must be connected with. So, you end up with furries! That's my theory at least. Your theories may vary

    But... Yeah... My post is off-topic a bit. Sorry!

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    I'd say there are two views the public hold.

    There's the sissy "big baby" view of a big guy in big cloth diaper that doesn't quite fit and huge pin, bonnet and dummy/pacifier. Typically seen as a comical fetish (plugged on those "weird TV" shows), or may be a fancy dress thing (often on stag nights). Generally considered as something to mock.

    Then there's the "pedo monster" view that the media sometimes portrays (e.g. some pedo is caught and turns out he wore diapers or took photos of kids in diapers, and that would be plastered all over as the headline), and the opinion of many parents who would discover someone they know seriously wears diapers out of choice and doesn't come across like the cute comical image (above) and thinks therefore they must be a pedo and a threat to their children.

    Generally the public view is negative.

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