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    Default Building an AB Wardrobe

    For many ABDLs, clothing can be an important factor in regression or roleplay. Those who roleplay at the younger baby/toddler age may prefer a simple t-shirt and diaper or onesie. For older ageplayers, shortalls or some brightly colored shorts and a shirt might be more preferable. Many ABDLs want to acquire an extensive wardrobe, but buying from strictly AB clothing websites is simply not an option for some due to how expensive they can be.

    Things to Consider Before Shopping

    Before you start buying you all the clothes that you can, you must first take some things into account.

    First you must set a budget for yourself. A fun and ''childlike'' way to do this would be to set up an allowance system. You could treat yourself to new clothes or AB gear with a set allowance for every month or so. If you have a caretaker you can even set this up with them. Personally my caretaker handles my income and allows me only so much to spend on clothes a month with what I don't spend rolled over so that I can save up for something big or expensive.

    Age is also an important factor as it will heavily influence your decisions in clothing.

    Lastly, you must answer the basic questions about how you will use these clothes. How often will you be wearing your clothes? Do you live on your own? Do you have the means to afford your clothes, to hide it, and be able to wash it without being caught? If you are struggling to hide diapers, you most likely will have a hard time hiding a onesie, or even getting it into the washing machine. If you plan on wearing out in public, try to consider how subtle you can be without raising attention from peers.

    Shopping in Your Own Closet

    Depending on your style of dress you may be able to salvage some clothes out of your current closet. This will help cut down your cost. For example, if you have a cute childish top and simply require bottoms, this cuts your outfits cost in half. Things to look for in your closet:
    • bright primary colored clothing
    • clothing with cartoon characters
    • sundresses
    • "babydoll'' style tops
    • cute pajamas

    Where to Shop

    AB clothing stores can be very overpriced. Fortunately there are stores where you can get affordable and childish clothing. Going this route may also help you find more subtle clothes for going out.

    Forever 21

    Great shops for girls! They are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible. During the springtime finding cute sundresses is very easy, or even a babydoll style top. Cropped tees may be an option if you would like to show off your diapers as well. They also tend to carry bodysuits. These are similar to onesies but not babyish, however, if you are incontinent or would like some discreetness, they could come in handy.

    Department Stores

    During the winter season, you should be able to find lounge-style pants and other pajamas with popular cartoon characters, as pajamas are a simple holiday gift. Shirts with cartoon characters are also readily available in the young men's section.

    Target, Walmart, and Big Box Stores

    If you are small enough to wear children sized clothing, this is a great place to pajamas. Keep in mind past a children's size 12 you won't find very babyish pajamas. However, both Target and Walmart are known to carry adult sized sleepers. This could also be a great place for t-shirts or even overalls.

    Thrift Stores

    If you have the patience to search through clothes, you may be able to find some very cheap clothes at thrift stores like Goodwill. I have found overalls there on several occasions. If you are taking a trip, go ahead and feel free to look for some diapers.

    Shopping Online

    Shopping online allows for a greater variety in clothes and sizes. All of the sites above with the exception of thrift stores have online shops. However there are a few more sites to visit.


    ABDL clothing can be found here already made. There are also cases of people selling custom clothes that they out grew. It could potentially be an opportunity to score some cheap clothes.

    ABDL Shops

    Shops that cater to the ABDL community can be very expensive, but they are still an option. If you are not crafty with sewing, getting snaps added to your overalls or having a custom onesie made may be the only option. Here's a brief list of shops:

    Custom Clothing

    So even after all the shopping around, the eBay searching and looking at ABDL shops, you still may not find your dream outfit. If you are willing to spend the money, you can always try getting a custom order. Your best bet is to contact ABDL shops or eBay shops that make clothes. When you send an email, be sure to include as many details as you can to help them create what you want.

    The first two things you will need is a seller willing to make custom clothing and a price quote. I usually combine both of these into my first email. Like a casual email, be sure to introduce yourself. Include a description of what you are looking for by asking if they make custom items. Then, carry on to say what you would like. Describe your outfit in as much detail as possible, and even include reference pictures.

    When asking for a price quote, you must include some measurements. This will help the tailor estimate about how much fabric they will use and thus give you an accurate estimate. The basic measurements are usually: chest, trunk length, arm, and leg. Refer to Taking Measurements for Clothing, for help. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get many responses or many who you contact are not willing to take any custom orders.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, building your baby wardrobe can be very inexpensive if you have the patience to do so. Waiting for online deals, or searching for coupon codes can bring down your cost. As a rule of thumb, I look to either get free shipping or save equivalent to what shipping would cost with a discount to make the most of my purchase.
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    Your right it's takes time to find the right stuff but it's worth it. I find great stuff on eBay. But I will look on thrifts stores too. Not a bad idea thanks

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    I have had very good luck shopping for babyish clothing at Aliexpress for my baby girl. Just have to keep in mind that most of the sizing is Chinese sizing, so a ladies size 6 in the US would typically be a size L or even XL so you really need to have your measurements and be fairly petite to shop successfully there. Shipping is (amazingly) free for many items. You do have to be patient since there can sometimes be thousands of items in a category (ie t-shirts) so you have to learn the right terms to search for since much of it is poorly translated from Chinese (i.e. kawaii, student, Harajuku, sailor, preppy, Mori Girl, Kitty are search terms I've had good lucj with). A sampling of some of the outfits we've bought is below. We got a Hellow Kitty iron on patch on the site and put it on the pink overalls which makes them very cute.

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    Fortunately I found on ebay and Etsy some good supliers, If you ask, they also make your own dreams.

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