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    Default Choosing a Name on ADISC

    Choosing a username is an important part of signing up to ADISC, as it will serve as your identity on the forum. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a name carefully. Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s for picking a username.

    Things to Avoid

    In general, your username is often what people first notice. Picking something that violates the rules or clashes with the culture here will leave a bad first impression.

    Avoid using names with AB/DL terms in them, such as "diaper," "Goodnites," "baby," or "pamper." These types of names are frowned upon on ADISC for two reasons. First, they are fairly generic and common, which makes it hard to remember you. After the umpteenth person named Goodnites, it becomes hard to remember which person is which. Second, we already know that you are an AB/DL because you joined this forum. It would be like choosing the name "cards" on a poker forum or the name "Xbox" on a video game forum. Such names do not help us get to know your personality. At the very least, include another word that distinguishes you from the other 15 or so users with "pamper" in their name.

    Do not pick names that are inappropriate or offensive. It is a good idea to read the rules prior to joining, so you avoid common pitfalls. One common mistake is assuming that ADISC is like most diapers sites; since ADISC is a support community, typical fetish site content like graphic descriptions of diapers or crotch avatars is prohibited. This rule also extends to usernames. For example, choosing a name like "hornyaaron" or "messydiapers" is not appropriate and will be changed by the mods.

    Avoid a name that sounds like A/S/L (age, sex, location.) ADISC has a strict rule against posting "personal ads", which are posts that are looking for either a date or a meet-up. Therefore, a username (such as "male27newyork" or "needamommy") that implies you are looking for a date or meet-up would be against the rules.

    Do not use a username that contains your real name or a link to your real life in any way. Most likely, you want to keep this part of your life private from your family, friends, classmates, coworkers, etc. Even if you don't see this as a problem now, there's always a chance that your situation changes toward needing to be more private, and having been careless becomes a problem. This site is fairly high ranked in Google, so if someone Googles your real name or an online username like a gamertag that you use for vanilla activities, it may show up.

    Avoid using a name that sounds similar to another user, especially if the only difference is additional numbers on the end of it. If you have a similar username as someone else, it may become hard for people to tell you apart. For example, if someone is already named Fox, choosing Fox94 is probably a bad choice. You can still incorporate fox in your username, but you should find a way to make the name sound unique by adding another word to make your username unique.

    Suggestions for a Good Username

    The guidelines for a good username are a lot less concrete. Essentially, you should avoid the above pitfalls and pick a username that highlights how you are unique. Beyond this the possibilities are almost endless, but the open world of possibilities can make it difficult to actually come up with ideas. I know I personally found it hard to pick a username because of this, and hopefully, the following suggestions and links will make it easier for you.

    One idea is to pick a username that highlights a non-AB/DL hobby or interest. For example, if you enjoy music or play an instrument, you could pick the name of your favorite band or incorporate the name of the instrument in your username. Another example is to pick your favorite place to travel and include that in your username. Still yet another example is to pick the name of your favorite sport or some term that is related to it.

    Another thought is to pick a name from your favorite TV show or movie. You could use your favorite character’s name, a name of a place in the movie, or use the entire name of the show, like I did. Another option is to pick a name from your favorite anime or book. There again, you could use a favorite character’s name, a name of the place in the movie, or even the entire title of the movie.

    Yet another idea is to come up with a way to make an ordinary piece of information about yourself unique. For example, one user here took their date of birth and translated it into chemical symbols using the elements' atomic numbers. Another user took the words "Diaper Man" and inverted them to make "Nam Repaid."

    Random Name Generators

    There are also a number of websites that generate a list of names based on various options. I have selected a few of these that I found useful. Note: since these generators are random, it is possible that a generated name may violate ADISC’s rules. Please make sure any name you select does not violate the rules or the guidelines mentioned above.

    Band Name Generator: If you like music, this generator may be of interest. There are three options to generate a name. The first option will generate a list of random names by clicking the "Generate Band Names" button. The second option is to insert a word that you wish to include in your username and click the same button. The third option is to insert an acronym in the lower text field and click the "Generate Acronym" button. The site will then generate a list of names that start with the letters of the acronym.

    Behind the Name: This site contains a large list of names organized alphabetically and a random name generator with an extensive list of options, including a random name generator here. Like most name generators, this one contains an option to select the name’s gender. This generator will only create one first name, but there are options to add one, two, or three middle names. (By default, the site is set to generate a first name and one middle name.) In addition, there is a checkbox to generate a random surname.

    Below these options, you can choose to generate a name from the entire database of names or a subset of the database. The majority of the options are for names from a specific language, ranging from well-known languages including French, English, Japanese, and German to the obscure languages including Khmer, Provencal, Esperanto, and Frisian. There are also several options to choose names from mythology and ancient cultures, as well as options for names from more recent times, including hippies, rappers, hillbillies, and transformers.

    Changing Your Name

    If you have already picked a poor username, do not despair! Changing can be done easily via the user control panel: see here and look for "Username change – optional".

    Please note the following restriction on changing your name:

    - Name changes are limited to once every 21 days.
    - You cannot pick a username that you used previously.
    - All previous names are visible on your profile to registered members.

    If you wish for your username history to hidden, you can ask in the requests forum for it to be hidden from all members except staff. However, if you change your name in the future, your name history will automatically be unhidden and you will need to request that it be hidden again.

    Reporting Offensive Usernames

    If you see a user who picked a poor username, politely point it out to them in their introduction or via private message. Then, make sure to report it in the request forum so Moo can change it if they do not.
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