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Thread: Cost of 24/7

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    Question Cost of 24/7

    I am curious, those who are 24/7 or close to it, how much do you spend monthly on diapers and related products/supplies?

    How does cloth compare to disposables once you factor in the washing expenses and eventual replacement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serif View Post
    I am curious, those who are 24/7 or close to it, how much do you spend monthly on diapers and related products/supplies?

    How does cloth compare to disposables once you factor in the washing expenses and eventual replacement?
    There's a lot of variables to figure when you wear 24/7. If your urine incontinent your better off using premium diapers. I use two different
    ones for daytime use. My Absorbency Plus-Level 4's cost me a $1.37 per diaper for a case of 64. Plus I get free shipping on buying the case.
    That diaper gets around 7 hours of use before I change. My second diaper I'm using is the Abena M3 but is no longer available. I still have over 66
    on hand before I need a replacement for them. I'm thinking about going to the Absorbency Plus-Level 3's then. For over night I use the Denpendeco
    AIO's. I have ten of these with 6 stuffers that I invested around $400.00 in. I've been using these now for over a year and they have paid for themselves
    in disposable savings. I live where my bills are paid so all I have to buy is detergent which is $5.00 a month. Powder and rash cream costs me about $15.00
    a month but I always look for specials at CVS where I shop. I still have plastic pants and PUL diaper covers that I can use if need be.

    My urge IC has got to point where I don't flood when I pee so I don't have a leak problem. I use onesies a lot during the day for diaper support as well
    as my panties.

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    O ver the course of the next 6 months I might buy four more AIO's. I think in my case with my AIO's that's never been dried in a dryer
    I'll be keeping tabs on the Velcro tabs. So far they are holding up good so I don't forsee any failures there.

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    It depends on many factors, such as what brand and type you wear of each. Cloth are cheaper in out-of-pocket cost by roughly 4 times.

    I keep the books, and I figure costs on a per-hour basis. A good diaper like the Bellisimo I can wear for 8 hours, meaning 3 a day. That works out to $.26 AUD per diapered hour, or ~$190AUD per month. I also use some rash cream and powder, about $10 a month.

    Cloth diapers, plus stuffers and plastic pants are also good for about 8 hours. I've found I get an average of 100 washings out of them before they degrade to a point beyond full functionality. As a set, they cost around $50AUD, so that works out to $.0625 per diapered hour. $45.50 a month.
    However, cloth need more cream, powder, and detergent. roughly another $50 a month. they are also labor intensive. I spend 2 hours a week extr doing laundry because of the special care needed to hand wash and dry them properly. I calculate that as an opportunity cost.... Money I'm not making by working over time. That works out to ... I'm not going to tell you how much I make an hour... but it works out to 8.67 hours of lost potential wages per month in caring for the cloth nappies. So they are much more expensive for me.

    I very much like both. Cloth are more comfortable in the heat! But disposable are easier to live with, less likely to leak, more discrete, and cheaper for me. Cloth are cheaper out of pocket, but more expensive in terms of lost opportunity wages.


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    I figure I spend about $100/month on diaper related supplies these days, I wear cloth about 1/3rd of the time, it cuts back on the diaper bill (not the water bill, which is horrendous in this town)

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    I'm 24/7 in disposables, which I change typically 5-7 times per day, dependent on work schedule and how many times I mess. Of these, usually four will be Tena Slips (Super or Maxi) and two Lille Classic Extra. For demanding situations, I will use the occasional Molicare or Tena Ultima. Most nappies will contain one or two booster pads. Weekly cost of nappies:

    Slip Super 14 @ 0.45 = 6.35
    Slip Maxi 14 @ 0.59 = 8.29
    Slip Ultima 4 @ 0.79 = 3.14
    Classic Extra 14 @ 0.30 = 4.18
    Lille Booster 84 @ 0.06 = 5.04
    Total 27.00

    Weekly cost of accessories:

    Baby wipes 6.00
    Flushable wipes 1.50
    Towels 1.00
    Liners 2.00
    Disposal bags 1.00
    Total 11.50

    I've only just started wearing plastic pants so I don't have up to date figures for wear and tear. I'll guess at 5 for those plus waterproof sheets. There's probably another 5 of incidental expenses.

    Grand total: 27.00 + 11.50 + 10 = 48.50 per week or 6.92 per day.

    Considering the amount of pleasure and convenience I get for that, I think it's quite good value!
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    Being wet and poopy and in diapers 24/7 costs me ~ $150.00/month. Anyway, a big chunk out of my low fixed monthly Social Security disability/retirement income.

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    I figure that it costs me $160 per month. I wear disposables, mostly L4 Abena diapers.

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    I try and get as much of my diapers from thrift stores as possible. That being said I am 24/7 and I may spend $40 a month. But I was recently able to buy 6 Cases of attends diapers from a craigslister for $50! Thatll set me up for 4 or 5 months.

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