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Thread: after three months

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    Red face after three months

    I got the cloth-backed cushies. Despite the delay, these are my favorite diapers by a long shot. They're exactly like the ones I wore as a toddler; even the cloth landing strip feels right. I've been wearing them around the house almost non-stop since I got them. My only regret is that if I had known about the delay, I would've ordered them earlier, when the buy one get one coupon code still applied.

    Still though, they're amazing. Incredibly cute, nice and soft, and can be refastened multiple times and worn for several nights (also I did wet one and it held up perfectly).

    I highly recommend them (once abu gets itself together)

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    Can someone compare the absorbency of these Cushies vs. Teddys or other Bambino products? I'm definitely a cloth cover person, so these are tempting!

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    I'll tell you more information as I find it out haha. I really love them. Just like when I was a toddler. You'd probably like them, and abu does have them in stock again you might wanna think about it if you have some extra cash c:

    wow I sound like an advertising bot. i'm just really excited about them

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