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    I was just wondering as a bed wetter - if anyone has ever had an 'accident' in a place other than their own bed.

    I travel a fair bit for work and have to wake up through the night to make sure my bladder is empty and I don't pee in hotel beds. The first time it happened I was mortified but now I take precautions. I like the idea of bed wetting but hate if others might realise I do this

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    I wet in a hospital once, which normally wouldn't be a big deal. It's a hospital after all. But I had a roommate, so having to have that conversation with the nurse was terrifying.

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    I just did this same thing at a hotel recently. Wearing a diaper of course! I hid them the best I could, and after wetting, put them in a bag in a bag in the trash. I doubt a housekeeper would dissect my trash bags or even care. These people have seen everything!

    As in most situations, I recommend diapers.

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    I use to travel and wear diapers to bed so I don't wet. I would feel bad if I wet a hotel bed. I think they have covers though.

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    I am a bedwetter, and do some traveling with hotel stays. I always wear protection when I sleep, especially away from home so that I don't wet in someone else's bed (I wear protection at home, too!). Some hotels might have protective mattress covers, but I think many do not. Protection helps you and the hotel. Just carry an extra plastic bag to put your wet diaper in the next morning, tie the bag, and place it in the trash--no big deal.

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    I've dealt with this forever!

    I always wear a diaper at night...and usually just use the hotel trash can...

    I've had a few hotels notice...I assume...there was a cover on the bed the next day...

    That's never really bothered me, but I also sleepwalk...and that gets worse after a few days of not so good sleep...

    And wouldn't you know it...sleeping I didn't remember my room key

    Funny now, but at the time not really to funny...but it was two or so in the morning...I'm sure the night clerk at least had something to do then...

    Fortunately when I used to work over seas most the time I had a PA with me...they all knew about my ic and sleepwalking...they'd take care of my schedules, flights, import/export, and even field the calls from family quite a bit...

    But I can only think of a couple times I left any mark on a bed...once in S. Hampton, and once in Johanessburg...I was laid up in a medical in the uk, so there were contributing factors...the other was just an accident

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    Yeah, I always wear a diaper at night when away from home.

    One notable night though, involving me getting VERY drunk at a friend's party, where I soaked the bed, even while wearing a fresh diaper to bed.. oops

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    the last time i peed in a hotel bed was in las vegas 1999. of course i was like 8-9 and wearing a pull up at the time so it took the abuse but still peed in a hotel bed none the less. pretty sure i pissed off house keeping because i just left my wet/messed pull up on the floor. ah good times of being young enough to just not care. looking back i am ashamed of just leaving them lying around but kids will be kids.

    um other than that i have never really had a non pull up contained accident in hotels. every time i have wet/messed a hotel bed i was in a pullup or a diaper.

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    This worries me every time we stay in a hotel room. I am not normally a bed wetter but have had accidents on occasion. But can't put on a diaper staying in the same room as the kids. So, I don't get much sleep worrying about it.
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    I wet a hotel bed once after drinking to much that night, never again! that sucked, and it was an expensive hotel, much better to pack protection.

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