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Thread: My wife hinting at diapers?

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    Default My wife hinting at diapers?

    I am a diaper lover and I have never told my wife about my love of diapers. I only wear in secret which isn't much. Anyways, she has been having mild incontinence issues since giving birth 6 years ago. This is in the form of peeing a little when she laughs, coughs or sneezes. Not gushing out, but enough where she has to change her underwear.

    Anyways, the last time it happened I said that she should buy some pullups. She laughed and said, " I really should.". I just laughed and dropped it. I know she was probably only half serious, but it just made me happy to think of my wife in diapers and possibly opening the doors to me freely wearing as well. Should I bother exploring this at all or should i just shrug it off as a joke and nothing else?

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    Mate, let me give you one piece of advice:

    For you it might be a pleasurable thing to wear diapers - even the thought of incontinence is PROBABLY not something to be afraid of... but even though I guess your wife has a sense of humor, I guess she won't find her IC issues the slightest little bit amusing. quite likely she'd give a lot to be rid of these issues (btw. has she seen an urologist?? there's a lot that can be done... how about kegel exercises, etc...?)
    Now when you basically take this as an opportunity to introduce YOUR diapers to her - well frankly speaking I don't think you should "open up" through that route.

    She's your wife - she should be a person you can confide in.
    Just be honest, have a talk about fetishes, mention that you have a fetish and don't make it into something larger than life.
    It's just diapers. It doesn't change who you are.
    Don't push it... and especially don't use her IC issues to accommodate your fetish.

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