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    Default dentist

    What have u done. I have surgery to get wisdom teeth pulled. I'm being knocked out and my concern is what happens when I sleep. Would u wear a diaper during. Would u let the dentist know.

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    Yes tell him it would be more not liked if you wet as it was going on.
    They have person's that have to wear protection all the time .
    They will keep it private and you will feel better not worried about it.
    Im sorry you have to have it done .
    Just had one pulled today not fun.

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    Honestly I don't know why that would be any bit your dentists concern?

    Handle your IC how you usually handle your IC... I usually wear pads or diapers - sometimes a condom-urinal-thing... whatever works for the specific situation.
    But so far I was not in many situations in my adult life, where I had to tell anyone like a dentist - and why indeed?
    Just void before going in for the appointment.
    Wear a thin diaper... and don't drink gallons before the appointment... and there's nothing to worry about. if you have an accident, the diaper is there, if not even better.

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    I had to have mine removed when I was younger. Here are some things to note.

    1. Shake his hand. A firm, steady grip is what you're looking for if you're going under the knife.
    2. You will be asked to empty yourself before the procedure, however if you explain that you are incontinent while awake or asleep you will likely be offered padding.
    3. Avoid speaking or opening your mouth too wide afterwards. This is rather painful.
    4. Stick with softer foods. This minimizes the pain from opening your mouth too far.
    5. Don't mess with the sutures. This can lead to infection, so wait until the appointed date and let the dentist remove them.
    6. You may have pits left over from the removal. Flush these out with water when you brush because, again, this can lead to infection.

    Most importantly, don't be nervous. You said you're going to be knocked out so the procedure itself will be completely painless. Keep your head held high and you'll be great.

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    and don't get dry sockets! they hurt like hell, and require a trip back to the surgeon! and as tempting as it may be, don't drink from any kind of straw, this can cause said dry sockets!

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    I went in for wisdom teeth and another tooth broken by wisdom tooth the dentist who then referred me to the oral surgeon...

    Anyhow, they tried Novocain, and lots of go...

    So, they put me out...and as I was on plenty of nos at the two hours worth...

    Anyhow, I didn't mention it to them as I didn't think it would be an issue...

    But, back home...later that nite now...I was wearing a different, not sure about everything that's a by jumbled...but I was changed at some point...and never heard anything about it...

    I'd say, wear and unless it's going to be many hours you should be fine...

    My ordeal started at 8:30am and ended at 3-4pm at home...rough day...

    P.s. I also know now that novocain doesn't work on me very well...and is short lived!

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    I got one pulled the other day not that bad never hurt during or after and if you wear protection normally then where it when you go to the denist they are medical professionals

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    novocain rarely works for me either. They get some special stuff from the vet in my case (I think), even when I have one pulled this other stuff works. I was only knocked out once as a child to have a tooth out and I heard nothing about my overnight wetting problem so I am sure I stayed dry.

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    I had my wisdom teeth pulled in August. I had a diaper on during it and all they asked me was if I could try to go to the bathroom before we started. Over all it was no big deal.

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