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Thread: Honest Company diapers -- a diaper wish

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    Default Honest Company diapers -- a diaper wish

    Have you seen the diapers made by the Honest Company? They are so cute!!!

    Man, if those came plastic backed, and in adult sizes, I'd be in heaven!!

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    They are super Nice. And yeah super cute too. These are like the Bambino of baby diapers. We had some for a while for our kid but we just couldn't afford it long term.

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    omg!!! these are beautiful!!! would love them in adult size!!

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    I wish there was an adult size of the jolly Roger diaper. I am a halloween nut that's why.

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    Funny how the prints look like something that would be geared more towards adults, they just dont look babyish to me and being that I have to wear diapers i would love to see adult diapers with print something like that, it would certainly be better than plain white or the many hidious colors adult diapers come in currently... Seriosly if a cloth backed diaper (not that I am a fan of cloth backed) in say that ships anchor print or the red, white and blue print that they had pictured, were made in adult sizes that would be more descreet than an all white diaper sticking out of your pants. If diaper companys made adult diapers look like that maybe then they could stop making them thinner and less absorbant. In my opinion a thicker but less obvious diaper would be much better than a "discreet" diaper and an obvious wet spot on my rear end. Just a thought for ponder!

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