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Thread: Bellissimo problem

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    Default Bellissimo problem

    What happened to the bellissimos? I put one on recently that was in my old stash (not the most recent case) and it felt much nicer and more substantial than the ones from the case I got.

    And now I'm REALLY SERIOUSLY sad and upset because I don't know if they will ever be the way they were before.


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    Yeah, I know :/

    Look back a few pages and you'll find the discussions about this.

    The new (upside-down) ones just aren't as absorbent as they used to be (among other quality issues). I ordered 2 cases of Bellissimos with the discount, before reports of the changes came rolling in. They don't seem so bad once you forget what the old ones were like, but I still have some old ones on hand. Not the same, not even close. The Bellissimos are really more like what the Teddies/Classicos/Biancos used to be in terms of absorbency. Be glad you didn't order a case of one of those three; they are pretty lackluster performance-wise now.

    I sent an e-mail to Bambino, but received a boilerplate response. One would hope that the person behind the screen is at least giving some thought to the problems people are having. The response I received very clearly stated that the core construction and absorbency spec has not been changed, but I beg to differ. Go ahead and send them an e-mail, letting them know what you think. Couldn't hurt, might help them take the complaints seriously if they keep hearing the same thing.

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    Default Bellissimo problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Tygon View Post
    The Bellissimos are really more like what the Teddies/Classicos/Biancos used to be in terms of absorbency. Be glad you didn't order a case of one of those three; they are pretty lackluster performance-wise now.
    Unfortunately this is correct. If the Bellissimos absorb what the old Classico/Teddies did in the past, then the newer ones (at least the case of teddies I got) are almost laughable.

    I used teddies almost exclusively for a long time in the past, and I literally was unable to get them even close to leaking despite trying a few times.

    With these new teddies however, I've already had quite a few that have leaked after 1-2 wettings. Although they're more comfortable with the new backsheet, something has definitely changed with the padding itself, bambino's promises to the contrary be damned.

    This, on top of the regular, ridiculous stock issues bambino has been having (they were totally out of the bambino diapers for months until recently) has me seriously questioning bambino as a legitimate business at all. Something really needs to change there.

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    I got 2 packs of the new Bellissimo, tho not try them yet.
    Tho the Teddies do seem to leak easier.

    It seems diaper companies,
    no matter if meant for the normal IC public, or the AB community,
    both seem to be getting worse.

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    In a way, I kind of see whats going on from the diaper company point of view. They are kind of at the mercy of whatever factory they contract with. All of the AB diapers made today come from China, so its not like a representative can stop by the factory and see what's being made. Bambino doesn't know what they've got until they open the shipping container at their warehouse. As we've seen, they have been stuck with some factory errors lately. I still think it is awesome that we have companies making diapers just for us. I never could have imagined that years ago.

    I wonder-- It would seem to me that the volume of ABUniverse, Bambino, and others would warrant a factory here eventually. When that happens, they will have true quality control.

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    This REALLY SUCKS! Bellisimos are my favorite and now they go and f**k it up! Sucks! Guess I'll have to find a new favorite. That's going to be hard. Really sad about this.

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    I haven't had a major issue with my upside down bellisimos. The only issue I've encountered was one bag had a tendency to have weaker plastic just below the taping panel. Absorbency is a same as always, but feels as though it's thinner up top.

    To those complaining about stock problems, it's their supplier that has the issue. Not them.

    There's also the matter of the plastic change. It's a little...noisier, but still pretty solid. The new top sheet is like cashmere, though.

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    been a couple months since i used up the last of my diapers..and i've had this little demon in the back of my head all day that's been giving me this irrestistable urge to get some more bellisimos.

    now i find out about this

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    Even though I haven't tried them, I hate it when companies change the diapers so I sent them a complaint as well and never heard from them but at least I sent it to them. I am really hoping it's an error.

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    I too, ordered a few when the sale/discount came up. These were my first adult diapers and I've been really disappointed. They're HUGE on a 30" waist and the absorbency in the Teddies and Belissimos that I ordered were disappointing after all I'd heard and read for years. My Belissimo leaked after 3 medium wettings and the Teddy was done after 2. A good Huggies Overnight 6 will hold 2!

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