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Thread: my new identity

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    Question my new identity

    Hello everyone, Although I'm already a member ( more like a lurker just lately ) Changes have occurred in my life that have curbed my AB tendency's. I would now class myself as a DL although I still like to endulge in childish play and dress a bit like a toddler,maybe I'm more of a little now? I think part of the reason for this change was becoming incontinent, and having to wear nappies all the time rather than just when I wanted to, it takes some of the fun out of it. Also my other health problems can cause a lot of pain sometimes making the ritual change diffiicult.

    Anyway on a happier note i m an avid gamer, got a PS4 at launch and can't wait for Second Son and MGS GZ in a few weeks.
    Other than that im in a local theatre group that perform all sorts of Plays and Musicals, Although my attendance is governed by my health and my work. I would love to get a lead part someday.

    Well that's the new me, hope I can be a bit more of a contributor this time and less of a lurker, as I explore this new transformation in my life
    Tata for now

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    Hi Sir, good reintroduction. Pleased to meet you.

    It's ok to do a little lurking. I do that at times myself.


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    Hi and welcome. My kids were involved with theater when they were in high school. It was always exciting to watch them. I'm a professional musician, so I guess some of it rubbed off.

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