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    So I have decided to order some Molicares. My question is what size to get? My waist size is 40 1/2 so should I get the mediums or larges?

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    If you can get them, I would order samples of both Medium and Large to see what works best for you. That way your not wasting money
    on larger packs that don't fit or work right for you.

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    You are definitely in between sizes, and I am almost the exact same measurement as you. Molicares tend to be rather generous in the sizing. You would probably fit in both sizes. If you like your diapers tighter, choose the mediums. I tend to like mine roomy, so I go with the larges.

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    My waist is about the same as yours maybe an inch difference... I got the large and liked them... Could have had smaller in the waist but my hips are 10 inches more than my waist so that's why I went with the large... Wasn't willing to take that risk with the medium, but if your shape isn't like mine I'd say get one of each.

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    Bebbydoll same answer! I'm in the same situation... you must adjust your choice to your shape ... i prefer my look with medium but large for me ...

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    If you entertain wearing more than one diaper at a time the Large would fit the bill -OR- wear the large over the medium should do it.
    Why would anyone wear more than one at a time - there are more reasons than bulging fantasy ones. Heavy wetting at night is an obvious one;
    insurance for long the term without changing facilities being present like extended driving across country; wearing two (doubled) when three
    or more would just not cut it when and you are down to your last few and you are trying to conserve.

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    I have roughly the same waist size as you, and I have the larges.

    I find that they can be a little too roomy at times from memory (I haven't worn them in a while :P)

    Go with the large though. You're better off being able to stuff them if need be!

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    Diaper sizing is always a pain. I have real thick calves, but am only like a size 33 or 34. I'm about to start experimenting myself with size large diapers to see if they fit better. I would definitely recommend getting samples before making a huge plunge and buying a case before knowing whether or not larges would fit better.

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    Mediums. I would also measure you hips too. I always go by hip size. Waist size is never accurate for me because despite what it says, it won't fit over my legs and butt because of my hips. Now my belly seems bigger but my hip size is still larger because my waist now measures 34 inches and my hips measure 37.

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