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    Hello everyone!

    On here, you can call me Lucy if you want. I know I'm not supposed to use names in introduction threads but I would feel impolite not to introduce myself.

    A teensy bit about myself hmm?

    -I have a shy and submissive, knowledge thirsting and cuddling personality.
    -I'm kinda sorta in college but I hope to fully enroll back in school in the fall for history.
    -What brings me here is that I was searching for age regression forums and, among others, found this one. I myself am not interested in wearing a diaper, as I don't remember what wearing one feels like, but to make connections.

    I have a lot things I'm interested in, like a lot of things interested in lol. And like most times when asked this question, I have a brain fart xD

    I love to read and write, even if I'll never let someone read it in a million years; role play however, doesn't fall under that category. I love to play and snuggle with my pets, especially my furry ones. I also like to explore the woods, and if I get lost, go on my own adventure to find my way back!

    What I hope to gain from this site are friends and connections; to know that I'm not alone or a freak.

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    Hello Lucy and welcome to the group.

    No you are not alone.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hello as well. I enjoy exploring the woods. I think there's a childish part in me that actually thinks I'll discover something amazing. I ride my bike on our local bike trail, and it goes through the woods which is part of the foot hills to the Shenandoah Mountains. I always feel at peace out there.

    I'm a professional musician who enjoys writing, though I've published some of my writing as I love others to read it.

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