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Thread: Spanish adult diaper brands help

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    Default Spanish adult diaper brands help

    Hi. I'm am flying for a week in lanzarote soon and was wondering what is the best Spanish adult diaper to buy? Thick and plastic backed are the obvious first choice. Thanks

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    Febus are the best ones I found (in Benidorm). Not very thick but lovely feel and decent plastic backing.

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    possibly Attends, but I'm not very experienced in the differnt brands.

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    I'm IC and so I have to wear 24/4, and after a long search of a good daytime diaper in order to save some money on Abenas, I found this brand from Spain Indaslip Maxi 2 which did not disappoint me at all. I've been using this brand for a month and I can just say they are almost perfect to me (in SOME aspects I would compare to the old plastic-backed Abena) haters gonna hate lol. Basically these diapers meet all my expectations, they have a really nice absorption (up to 2 litres), comes with a soft scented plastic backing also the wings are made of a breathable cloth-like material, the tabs stick like hell and the most important thing, they DON'T LEAK even when I'm in movement or running. So, yeah, I give a 9/10 and I have no plans to change this brand for a long time. Anyways, I still use Abena M4 at night. As an IC, I recommend this brand. and, no, I don't work for them

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    Wow they both sound great. Do you know if there chemists keep them stocked because it's very much hit or miss here in England. Only selected chemists have a choice of nappies. Thanks again.

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