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    so guys i was looking at the Abuniverse website and well the prices are not to bad and i haven't tried any of the diapers on there before so i was thinking of buying the ABU Ultra Sample Pack but when i got to order ( im in uk btw ) and i pick uk delivery it says

    ( Any products purchased online from this website to be shipped to an address outside the United States of America may be subject to taxes, duties, tariffs or other importing fees ("Fees") imposed at the governmental level. By purchasing merchandise from this site for shipment outside the United States; you agree to be responsible for full payment of all Fees levied by the sovereignty responsible for your final destination shipping address. These fees will be collected by UPS, the U.S. Postal Service or other shipping carrier on behalf of the appropriate governmental agency. )

    and this is all it says on the order summery
    Gyazo - 0556aba3b82e5776565eb82a4ee7e3a1.png

    i was wondering has anyone brought any from the ABuniverse site and you live in the uk do you know if there is any charges or fee's and how much that might be

    thanks guys

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    This is not an ABU thing, this is just what happens when you import things from other countries. ABU will have to declare the contents of the package (if they're nice, they'll say something like "clothing" instead of "diapers") and a value. According to these things, UK customs will either impose some additional fees or they won't.

    For a sample pack, I highly doubt there would be any duties imposed. That usually only kicks in when the value exceeds some nontrivial threshold. On the other hand, you might still want to find out how the contents will be declared. Discreet packaging isn't very discreet when the obligatory customs declaration says "diapers."

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    I'm in the US, so I can't tell you about ordering from the UK, but I tried to order that sample pack earlier today and the cheapest shipping I found was $10. That's super out of my price range, personally, so I'll be ordering elsewhere or buying in-store.

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    I was concerned about import tax when I ordered a pack of diapers on eBay from US to UK. But it arrived without charge. On the declaration it was down as Merchandise, description being "underclothing Size 7" and the value of $14.99.

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    I'm also in the U.S. and I have really mixed feelings about them. First, they have my very favorite kinds of diapers. The cloth-backed cushies are my very favorite by far. The super dry kids and plastic-backed cushies are nice too.
    The problem is that their shipping is kind of expensive (as opposed to free from bambino) and I ordered these cloth-backed cushies in december, didn't get the buy one get one coupon applied (it was too late to use the coupon code, but i would've ordered them earlier had I known they would be delayed by months), and just got it in the mail. at the end of February.
    It was apparently due to some sort of factory issue or something. They threw in two free plastic-backed cushies, which is nice, but it was seriously a three month delay. And I've heard of similar things happening in the past. People on this forum actually warned me that something like this would happen, and they were exactly right.
    Still though, their diapers are exactly what I want, so I'll buy from them forever :I

    Also, my girlfriend wants you to know that "they give you spooky diaper candy" by which she means two dum-dums they include in the box.

    As for shipping, they ship super discretely in the U.S. Not fast or cheap, but super discretely.

    Oh, and one more thing--be sure to use the coupon codes if you do order!

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    I'd be more concerned about the delivery cost to UK personally. I filled out my address details for a pack of diapers from there not long ago and the shipping came to 70 dollars which is about 40 quid, more than the cost of the diapers in the first place, not worth it IMHO
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