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    hello everybody.
    from the title, yes i used to be here, back when i was younger. my account was deleted during the legal issues that arose in late 2012. at the beginning of high school i began to be interested in all these things, AB/DL?sissy and the like, but one thing led to another and eventually my private life at home merged with my facebook life and my websites-that-were-not-facebook life and it was like three planets collided. my parents caught me. they read my messeges, the saw my posts, they got all of my ten secret emails and found out about EVERYTHING. 2013 was the annum of discontent, where i was almost under constant scrutiny and it my home became very orwellian. my parents of course were upset (to say the least) and i lost contact with most of my dearest friends, most which were form here and similar websites (my real world friends were lame). those of you who remember me (K,C,S,K,A,and S), i'm sorry. i'm sorry i got caught and was unable to talk and left you all.

    so now i'm at community college, (along with the loss of my phone, part of my punishment after getting caught was not going to BIOLA)where i can get on the computers every other day or so. i'm really sweet and nice once you get to know me. i dont really know if i'm back yet, but i want to be. so email me or talk to me here, though my replies and posts will be delayed and limited.

    so just to sum it up, i'm back, i'm sweet, i'm 18, and i'm bored lol
    talk to me XD

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    Hello Butterscotch and welcome to the group.

    Nicely done introduction.

    Again welcome back to the group.

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    thanks =) im glad to be back XD hopefully it hasnt changed much, i miss being here and its so cool to return

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    Welcome back! I love this place, hope it's what you remember!

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    hopefully the friends i left behind are still here, i miss them. and i'll make more XD

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