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Thread: Using a bad stash just to be wearing - worst caught-short stories?

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    Default Using a bad stash just to be wearing - worst caught-short stories?

    I have a nearly full bag of what turned out to be youth-sized plastic briefs that I'd been meaning to get rid of. I let myself run short on mediums and with the rain the past few days I haven't been able to get out and re-up. While I haven't been able to wear in public for nearly a week I've found I can stuff a too-small diaper inside boyshorts or leggings as a sort of desperation move. It basically sucks but still better than nothing. Fortunately tomorrow it's supposed to clear dry and warm, plus I'll have bank errands so I'll definitely get a bag of at least Attends while I'm out. Aside from being forced to resort to towels and toilet paper what's your worst experience of running out of your diapers?

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    You can always use those diapers as stuffers in your bigger diapers.

    I went down to Mexico with my family in 2006 and I brought diapers along. Then I got sick down there with diarrhea and crampy stomach before having it, I ran out of diapers down there so when I had a messy accident at the airport in Denver, I didn't have anymore and I was stupid to not pack Goodnites in my carry on bag so I was stuck in the same diaper and smelled and it was so uncomfortable and my bottom itched from the runny poo. That was the worst time to ever run out of diapers and I had to wait until we got back to Montana and then wait for our luggage just so I could get my pull ups out of there and change. Also humiliating too but no one said anything except for my mother. That is not an experience I ever want again.

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