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Thread: ha! took a nuk 5 apart, put teat on mam

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    Default ha! took a nuk 5 apart, put teat on mam

    So i managed to take my blue nuk 5 apart. Without damaging it. Mam buttons style as well. Now i have a nuk 5 teat to change put into any shield i like. Mam was easy

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    How did you manage disassembling the Mam? I've found those difficult to take apart without damaging the button (denting/marking it with a clamp).

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    Very little marking on it. The clamp in center i realigned after i slightly swished it, once i put it back together its bearly noticable. Used a nut picking tool those ones the come with a nut cracker set, very old set though very sturdy. I dont own a clamp so i used what i had, very slowly and carefully so i didnt jab myself with the pick

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    How did you take the Nuk 5 apart without damaging it? I really want to put a custom nipple on the shield but I can't get anything to budge!

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    Took some work. The clasp that holds it in has raised edges on it. I used the pick to slightly bend the egdes, once both edges were done i placed the pick back in pushed it downwards or the edges away from the teat, while pulling on the bink handle. It poped out. It took a few trys but it came apart. Ill post picks of the disassembled nuk.

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