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Thread: Wearing large - when you take medium!

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    Default Wearing large - when you take medium!

    I've only done it once but it's quite an experience. Once when I was desperate I bought some Tena slip Maxi Large' I perfectly fit the Medium ones so what happened? It was still a good experience. I felt like I was being eaten by the nappy but only because it came up right to almost the middle of my body - about an inch and a half above my belly button was where the top of the product was - It kind of made me feel more baby like - because to some degree during your babyhood you may or do end up in rather engulfing nappies. Another thing as the time I did it Tena Slips were plastic-backed (they probably are not now after everything it's said they're going to go through! ) but the Large size didn't have plastic wings like it's Medium sized brother! Back when I did it Tena Slip Maxi Large had cotton-feel wings! However, in conclusion...has anyone else worn large when they're Medium-ready waisted?

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    This has happened to me before when ordering a new product because I'd rather be too big than too small. Also with an almost 10 in waist and hip difference it can make buying diapers difficult. I agree with you, sometimes it makes me feel way more babyish. There's definitely pros and cons.

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    I can wear a large size but normally prefer to wear an extra large. The tapes nearly meet in front and the wings from the front extend to the padding in back. I sleep on my side and find fewer leaks when the wings meet the padding. In specific I prefer the extra large Abena, but use the large because the extra large do not have plastic backing. The large Absorbancy now offered by XP Medical are not large enough. The large Dry 24/7 are large enough. See what works best for you.

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    I accidentally bought a pack of molicare large once. They were huge on me (I'm more of a small than a medium), I actually had to cross the front tapes past each other and angle the bottom tapes so that they wrapped underneath me.

    There's no way I could have worn it under clothes, but it did work really well for sleeping in. Because there was so much extra material everywhere it tended to fold over on itself. Those folds basically increased the surface area available for absorbing liquid, so everything absorbed faster with less chance of leaking.

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    I fit perfectly into the medium sized Tena Slip Maxi. I've tried the large size and was practically engulfed by it. However, they work really well over a couple of medium sized ones if you're in the mood for thick padding.

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    I used to just barely wear a large but have since gone back down to medium. I haven't really enjoyed oversized diapers. I would say that was one of the marks against Dry 24/7s for me when they changed their sizing. I suppose it's handy to have larger sizes around if you're going to do a lot of layering but just wearing something too big doesn't do it for me.

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    I rencently got my first Bambinos and ordered a large, thinking I'd need the bigger size because of my wide hips. That was a mistake; I couldn't get the diaper snug around me. So no, I don't like the feel of too-big diapers.

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    I am usually between medium and large and frequently purchase both sizes. When I really want to feel diapered, the larges really cover nicely. Dry's were one of the few that mediums fit perfectly. With Bambino, I buy both large and medium cases. Large Moilcare super pluses would reach to my rib cage and felt very nice until I found other brands.

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    Well, not exactly. A Small fits me purrrrfectly, but I often wear a medium. sometimes because I can't get them in a small, but often just because I pre-fur a diaper that comes up onto my tummy. its not just that it makes me feel all kittenish, its also easier for me to hid the bulk of the padding under my cloths when it starts up higher.


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    between sizes and stock both, the Dry 24/7's I only ordered in medium, being big enough, Often times, I'll diaper up with a large, and it does feel like an engulfment, I tried one bag of the Abena XLarge once, and found the shape too wrong to fit at all. the Abena Larges go 2" above my belly button when I put em on, but the beer belly (baby fat) quickly pushes em back down. The mediums, while I fit em fine, don't quite have enough rise in the front, and I've frequently soaked my pants and shirt in the front while driving.

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