Another review - here we go. The Soffisof Classics are available in the UK via a website called incontinenceUK (they may be UK available' elsewhere but I do not know this), they are not yellow as photo-advertised but they're an OK product. They are very similar to a Flufsan nappy (A nappy I've also reviewed so please have a look) because they have another type of plastic backing (still satisfactory), really small tapes (4) and plastic-bag feel wings (B.T.I.M very thin!). I say they are like the Flufsan's but where they should be good like the Flufsan's they are not! They are woefully thin, I haven't yet but I'm going to have to double up for comfort (I've only been wearing singles before putting this review to computer and I'm wearing just one while typing it up). The only time I've had to double up plastic-backed nappies before was when I could only buy Tena Slip Plus's once so that should say something. Look - they look OK, they are white and the alphabetical-letter style size markers are in yellow, the two border lines for the wetness indicator are also yellow and the wetness indicator itself is blue but comprised of the machine-printed lot code. Absorbency - They take one full bladder wetting well and might be able to take two but that's something I have not tested (yeah, I know some review!), one of the things that's putting me off double wetting one is on the packet there's a symbol - this symbol is a number 2 in a circle with a line through I've previously seen this symbol on Boots Pharmacy rip-off Attends and unless I'm wrong I think it means do not use twice. Not only is it annoying that they can't just spell it out on the packaging that one nappy can't be used twice I think you should be able to use a nappy more than once. Tenas, Molicares, even UK official Attends can take at minimum two wettings so I find that problematic. (Before you type it) Yes Soffisof may do a night version of this nappy but incontinenceUK are not offering them if they even exist. How high does the absorptive material come up at the front? Not very much - I know this is something us infantilistic people like (the absorptive material stopping just before the belly button (you are not going to get this with this product) (and I really should do another thread about belly button to AM stop point!)) - where the Soffisofs are concerned there's a full inch between the low point of the belly button and the stopping point of the absorptive you know! Price - they are very cheap! Within the region of 13 and a half pounds ( and there I'm including VAT and P&P), this means that a packet of 15 costs basically 10 and that should have been a warning to me of the quality, don't get me wrong they're going to be bearable if I double them up but the fact I've got to do that might put me off repurchasing. In conclusion then: These nappies are OK if you've no issue with doubling-up plastic-backed's though if you're fun-wearing during daylight one wet may spell change time If you actively want a thin nappy that can only be wetted once (possibly!)...this is the product for you!