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    So im not really big into watching "vlogs" but there are a few i keep tabs on but ive noticed I cant find one that is a"day in the life of a diaper lover or young (20's-30's) incontinent person. It would be great to just see someone that daily or weekly posts about what they go through on a regular basis and the different diapers they use, if they encounter any unwanted attention in public, ect. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

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    Stigma Warriors is a youtube channel from an IC person. Is not a fun channel. It is helpful, it gives clear information, but I've a feeling most of you won't like it here.
    But, since you're looking for options, there you go.

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    Personally I'm not into blogs or vlogs of any sorts. Mostly for this: I know what my family and friends are up to in their life, because we talk and meet.
    And frankly, I don't really care about the blog format and content from people I don't know IRL.

    That aside, I'm IC and honestly, to me it's a private thing - my family knows, my SO knows, my best friends know - and thats all good. But I don't really feel the need to propagate my IC and how I cope with it to a general audience, let alone in a video format for the whole world to see. And I guess - only guess - that the majority of IC people out there feel similar about this.
    Just to say, why I do think that there are not many such blogs / vlogs as you're asking about.

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