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Thread: separte beds

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    Question separte beds

    do any other abs sleep in different beds like a toddler bed or crib instead of with there daddy s or mommy's. i do and daddy says it dosent bother him and hes ok with it cuse he understands and he dosent feel bad about it. but i feel like im doing something wrong but my lil wants a lil girl bed and loves sleeping in it but im scared daddy will be sad and leave me cuse of it. i know its silly but am i the only one am i doing something wrong?

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    I personally would like to have my partner if I had one, sleep in the same bed as me, but he might not mind much. Some partnerships actually work better when the two partners have different rooms they can go to if they want. I think you would prob be ok to use your little girl bed every once in a while, and even for naps, but it is probably a good thing to sleep with your daddy often too, it would probably make him feel more like he is also a source of comfort, but that might not be true for him.

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    The best compromise for myself would be cribs for naps and daddy/mommy's bed for night time.
    I explain the reasoning for the crib for naps, because daddy/mommy can't watch the baby the whole time so baby will be safe in the crib.
    I explain the reasoning for big bed at night, because daddy/mommy can protect baby from monsters and the dark. Then just so daddy can nuzzle and cuddle baby! hehe
    But if u need the crib at night, it's always a good compromise to switch beds every once in awhile. I mean cribs are safe but daddy/mommy's arms are always the best! ^_^

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    All I can tell you is this: my grandparents, though "vanilla," slept in separate bedrooms their entire married life. To this day, their bedrooms, though next to each other, are separate. And not only have they been married for more than fifty years, but they're the only married couple in my family who not only haven't gotten a divorce, but who still love each other completely.

    What I'm getting at is that where you sleep has nothing to do with how well your relationship functions unless it's a major deal for one of you. If, say, one of you were a major cuddler and had trouble sleeping without someone there to snuggle with at night, then, well, it'd be a problem if the other wanted to sleep separately. But since it doesn't seem to be an issue in your relationship, that's a moot point.

    Communicate with your partner and then trust their honesty.

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    Though I mix adult elements with my a/b side at times, when I am deeply regressed I am in a child space emotionally. Adult sexuality would be inappropriate and something I don't want at that time.

    This doesn't mean adults don't make me turned on; simply not when I am in a mind space that is not adult.

    My a/b side is something that preceded any type of adult sexuality. It goes way back in my case. At earlier points it had no sexual component as I was too young for that. As I headed into puberty, I developed some adult kinks. But deep regression goes back to when I was a young child and I am emotionally in that space when I regress beyond a point.

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    Personally if I had a partner I would probably want to sleep in the same bed, as long as they didn't snore or anything. I'm severely ''touch-starved'' so basically I have a profound need for cuddling.

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    I'm with kimba on this one. While having my own crib or toddler bed would be fun, If I had a partner, I'd want to sleep in the same bed.
    I've been lonely for far too long to pass up quality cuddle time!

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    My husband and I sleep in separate beds because he snores and I keep him up at night by "beating on him" and I move around in bed and it keeps him up. He has sleep apnea so that is why he snores so loudly and I could never stand snoring, it's always kept me up and I am unable to ignore it or get used to it. Even ear plugs doesn't block out the sound.

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    Echoing Kimba and Deft - if I had a partner, I'd sooner be snuggled up with him. In our big race car bed.

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