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Thread: COD Ghosts

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    I do on occasion.

    I can't say I loved it as much as Black Ops 2, But i still enjoy it! I've got it on the Xbox One.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    I do on occasion.
    Same as me! I play it every now and again

    Not as crazy into it as I was with Modern Warfare 2 but it's fun to jump into once in a while
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    I can't stand that game. It is so broken on pc and the company basically gave the pc a big middle finger to the face with this game. I honestly wish they had gotten sued over it, because the issues are still there to this very day, and they do not plan to fix anything. I actually feel like I wasted 60 bucks for a unplayable game.

    Also tbh I wish cod would stop nerfing snipers 24/7. Black ops 2 snipers where fine, LMGs where the things that needed a nerf, but nope they nerf snipers and leave lmgs alone. Basically if I go play black ops 2 now it is a huge lmg infestation.

    What they need to realize is that pc cod =/= to console cod. I honestly feel the pc verison should get different patches and have a set pc development team for it, to support that communities needs. From what I read black ops 2 did have a small pc devolpment team but they still treated the pc version and the console version as the same game.

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    I have the game for Xbox 360 but I dont play it often maps are too big and I die alot lol

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    I have been a COD fan for sometime now, but anymore I'm over it.

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    i bought ghosts the day it released, i played one mission and put it down, haveent touched it since. GTA won the compititon over my time

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