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Thread: IC to DL - Diapers, What's Not to Like?

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    Default IC to DL - Diapers, What's Not to Like?

    Another thread here got me thinking about this. I can honesty say I'm both a Diaper Lover and Incontinent at the same time. This wasn't always the case. What changed are diapers and diaper technology. What has changed (so to speak) are having diapers with fewer reasons for dissatisfaction and, at the same time, more reasons to feel good about being in diapers. Over time all my annoyances have been eliminated. That's pretty cool, and entirely positive. Today, it's "Diapers, what's not to like?"

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    I am in a different boat. I've never been incontinent...Ive just always been intrigued by diapers. When I was younger, I would always get excited when a diaper commercial would come on (and I guess I still do). So in a way, being a DL has always been a part of me.

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    Well I'm IC and whilst I do like diapers to some extend, trust me if I could get rid of the NEED to wear / the IC I'd get rid of it asap.

    What's not to Like you ask?

    - Hot Summer time (I do love summer, but that makes it even worse)
    - Sitting in my own urine
    - HAVING to WEAR or have wet pants / beds
    - Need for carrying spare diapers, wipes, etc...
    - Traveling in general is more complicated, especially to the more remote corners of the world.
    - Being in a situation where I'd need to / would like to change but can not.
    - Having to choose the clothes after a fashion that they help to hide diapers...
    - The smell at times.
    - The waste
    - The financial cost
    - The itch... if it starts to itch...
    - Privacy concerns when you've got to share a room, etc.
    - oh the list is long... but you get the drift... as nice and comfy diapers can be, as helpful as they are to actually enable me to live an almost normal life despite bedwetting and daytime IC issues - I'd rather not NEED them.

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    Kind of funny how that seems to happen. When I was growing up, I always hated the fact that I had to wear diapers to
    bed every night. I thought I was the only one still wetting at night. As time went by, I began to discover how nice it was
    to wake up in a dry bed, even though my diaper was always soaking wet. I now find a great deal of comfort going to bed
    thickly diapered, knowing the bed will stay dry.

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