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    Who makes the loudest diaper ? I love my diaper to make loud plastic sounds. Any one else like there diaper to be loud?

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    A good trick for making a quiet diaper into a noisy diaper is to tape some clingfilm to it. I'd recommend putting it on the sides rather than on the front for maximum effect. It's a simple little modification which will make your diaper crinkle a lot every time you move.

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    Try Dry Comforts guarantee it will be loud most noisy diaper. They are so loud the sound or noise will go through a pair of jeans. They sell them here Dry Comfort Extra Brief | BUY Diapers at Vitality Medical 380, 380, 385, 385, 390, 390, 395A, 395A

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    They're a little expensive but Aww So cute diapers are noisy. They also hold quite a bit. Aww So Cute

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    I agree that Dry Comforts are the loudest out there. Next would be Attends with waistbands...very crinkly!

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    Aww So Cute, by far, over everything else I've tried. The listed price for the quality is fine, but their shipping is ridiculous. Next might be Bambino.

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    Tranquility ATN has a nice and relatively loud plastic backing

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