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    Hello All,

    I am Dragonfly86, I am new here. Just Wanted to say Hi. *Waves*

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    Hey there dragonfly. Welcome I like dragonflies they have a nice rich symbolism I noticed from your profile that you're an artist. What medium do you work in or style do create?

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    Heyla, Dragonfly.
    Are you more into watching or performing in theater?

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    hi dragonfly! =) i'm new too, sort of. it would be like totally rad if you would tell us a bit more about yourself. what's your favorite color? what tv shows do you like? what's the best sammich in your opinion?
    heehee XD

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    Hello again. Ozbub, I work with all Medium's but Computer art. It's just not fun. I cannot dive in or get "Dirty" so to speak. But I do all sort's of art. Traemo, I like to watch theater as well as Preform in the production. It's been a couple year's since I have done anything. Butterscotch, Favorite colour All Lolz. Show's upon the Teli varies. I would rather read a book then watch the tube all day. Sammich, I pretty much like all. Don't really have a favorite.

    About me. I am 27, nearing 28. I have been in the "Lifestyle" for a while. I have my on "Little" that is a playmate of mine. I love to read all sorts of book's. I am big in the art world. It is my escape from the chaos of the real world. I also enjoy being in & watching Theater. Umm. What else would you like to know?

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