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Thread: Advice needed: wearing diapers after surgery

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    Question Advice needed: wearing diapers after surgery

    Hey everyone--

    I recently got home from the hospital after some abdominal surgery. As a result, I have stitches that go all the way down my abdomen, and end about 2 inches in the "diaper area". I only use diapers for wetting. Do you think there would be a much bigger chance of infection if I were to wear a diaper now, as opposed to waiting 3 or so weeks for everything to completely heal? Seems like a long time to go without padding :/



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    Well i would try to wait :3 (im not sure about the infection thing but im guessing it would make it a bigger chance) and just think of how good it will feel to pad up after so long without :3

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    When I had my back surgery last April, it was lower lumbar. I waited several weeks until I knew I was completely healed. There's nothing worse than an infection. My wife got MRSA on a diabetic wound to the bottom of her foot, and couldn't walk on it for 6 years until it finally healed.

    As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your surgery but if you are back home, you must be on the mend. Good for you. I would think that wearing for short periods would be alright but doing anything like wetting or messing would probably increase your risk for infection. I would wait until the stitches are removed and maybe even a few days after that, so the place where the stitches were at are healed over. Better safe than sorry.

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    To allow the wound to heal, it must be kept clean and dry. Wet diapers may interfere with that. It also depends upon how the wound was closed. If it is covered and sealed with something already, the risk of infection is much lower.

    After my abdominal surgery, I wore diapers nearly 24/7 for the first week. Minimizing excessive movement due to having to go to the toilet was more important to me than keeping the incision sites absolutely dry. Part of that was due to how the small incisions had been closed: waterproof glue. One was just above my genitals and was definitely in the diaper region. The other is to the right of my belly button. Showering was forbidden for a time, but baby wipes were ok. Thick diapers and baby wipes helped me keep the spots clean and dry. I used boosters and was careful to not soak each diaper enough to risk getting the incisions soaked. This worked for me.

    The length of your incision and not knowing how it was closed causes me to have some concerns about wet diapers causing an issue. However, if you can refrain from soaking the diaper enough to get urine in contact with the incision, diapers could ease your discomfort and help keep the incision dry. Diapers are supposed to keep you dry anyway. It is up to you to determine what is best for you.

    I hope you get well soon!

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    I would definitely NOT wear diapers for these three weeks. If the site gets infected, it could take much, much longer to heal. A wet diaper will increase this risk. The other thing is that in a couple of weeks it may start to itch, and off-ph moisture (urine) tends to increase this.

    I would try to stick to other coping mechanisms such as pacifiers and footie pajamas, if thats your thing. I know its not the same, but it will be worth the wait. That first diaper after you get a clean bill of health from your doctor will feel AMAZING!

    If youre still tempted to wear, just be up front with your doctor and ask. Most likely he'll say no and then you'll have a good solid reason not to.

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    If i was in your current situation, I would hold off on diaper use for awhile. It's not worth running the risk of an infection.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Sounds like the best thing to do is to wait. And, I agree, that first diaper when healed will be amazing!! I would imagine I will go 24/7 for a while after that

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    Hello I had the same thing last year. I waited as long as possible. I just wear for comfort and do not use them that often for wetting. I made it about 5 days but I did not use the dieper until it was well healed about one month later.

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