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Thread: Found an awesome ABDL store in Ontario CA

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    Lightbulb Found an awesome ABDL store in Ontario CA

    I live in the US, but frequently travel to Waterloo Ontario for work.
    While here on my recent trip I searched the web looking to see if perchance the local stores sell better diapers than the crappy Depends they peddle in the states.
    I stumbled across an article about a woman that started her own cloth diaper business 7 years ago that stemmed from her making cloth diapers and plastic panties for her child. Shortly after she began selling online she learned of the ABDL community and began offering adult sizes. After acquiring another small local diaper service (AC Medical) she expanded her product line to feature all the big name quality Disposables and a myriad of ABDL accessories. She now runs a small warehouse in Kitchner ON and claims 70% of her business is ABDL.
    The company name is rearz inc and is located less than 10 minutes from where I'm staying.
    I went to check it out on my lunch break today and was NOT disappointed.
    It's is a small establishment (not much to look at from the outside) but it's the first store I've ever been into and walk out with some Abenas
    The whole AB side isn't really my thing, but the variety of plastic and rubber panties along with onesies and a whole bunch other AB stuff was awesome to see.
    I'm normally quite nervous to walk in and purchase my diapers from a local store, but knowing they cater to our community put my mind at ease. I never felt judged or nervous that the clerk or any other workers would think I was a weirdo.
    The owner was actually working the register. She was very nice and even asked if I'd like to take my things out in a black trash bag for discretionary reasons.

    I am now back at my hotel in a mildly soaked Abena Abriform composing this message to everyone, to share my exciting new find!
    I think any AB or DL within driving distance should definitely check this place out.

    Rearz Inc - Baby + Adult Cloth Diapers and Incontinence Aids is the store website. They apparently ship to 20 different countries.
    And the article that lead me there can be found

    Kitchener cloth diaper business is booming, for kids and adults

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    There was an article in the local paper, The Kitchener-Waterloo Record, where the owner acknowledged that most of her customers were abdl.

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    You'll find more than a few references to Rearz here, mostly in topics related to cloth diapers. Over the last two years, they've gone from ABDL-aware to ABDL-focused, at least by my observations. They now have every product modeled by a female, some in semi-provocative poses, and they've lately begun selling disposables, including the ABDL sort (e.g. Fabines). Honestly, I find some of the modeling a bit off-putting, but maybe that's just me.

    Their prefolds and Super Snap diaper are good stuff, though.

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    Thanks for sharing! I plan on checking this out... Just breezed over but a bit.
    That super snap looks good!

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    Just discovered them recently! Which is odd, given that I live relatively close to KW. I'll have to check them out when I'm down in a few weeks.

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    Oh wow I live in Southern Ontario and never knew something like this existed. It's too bad I don't live in the area, but perhaps one day I can visit this place.

    Do they ship discretely? Is this a better place to order online than B4NS?

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    Wow! I'd love to take a visit to that place next time I'm traveling in the area. Hardly anyone knows me down there so I'd feel pretty anonymous.

    On another note: I wonder how many people would go to a store like that actually wearing a diaper while there? I wonder if the store workers can tell or If they see that often. I wonder if they joke about us when we aren't around... Fascinating

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    I live close by kw and buy my M4 diapers there now, I have worn in the store lots of time. The people that work there are very discrete, professional and respect their clients , there is no way the would joke about diapers and ad/dl 's . They also now have new pictures on website of males modeling the products, worth the visit to the store if you are in the area.

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    Interesting. Would love to shop their if given the chance.

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    Actually, I just ordered there for the first time, I wanted some plastic pants cause the only pair I have are about to die (its an old suprima basic plastic pant), I don't use it often but love the plastic feel a lot so I've ordered 2 of theses and one of theses I opted for XpressPost cause it was only 2$ difference for it, will have them on tuesday and may do a review on them but not 100% sure...

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