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Thread: Nintendo Investor Wants Nintendo To Charge Us $0.99 For Mario To Jump Higher.

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    Default Nintendo Investor Wants Nintendo To Charge Us $0.99 For Mario To Jump Higher.

    Have you ever wondered why Nintendo doesn't listen to their investors like 75% of the time? Well I have that answer for you! Nintendo Investor Wants Them to Charge $0.99 for Mario to Jump Higher I'd like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this! Should Nintendo do this and anger a bunch of long time fans just to appease the investors? OR should they give this investor the middle finger and continue with business as usual? I for one say Nintendo should give this guy the middle finger and move on.

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    Well, it sounds to me like Fisher feels it's a stretchy move, but it would overall benefit Nintendo financially. To be fair, Nintendo have been doing their own thing since the very beginning, and remain adamant against conforming to the same practices that have already been completely saturated by its competitors and other media. Unfortunately, it's kind of put them in a rut nowadays, and they've become slightly overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft, who appeal to mainstream gamers and the general public.

    Nowadays, the video game making business is a giant cash cow, and cash has never been Nintendo's first priority. Of course, Nintendo has to set a price on their products, but their first priority is to make the products fully worth the price. Microsoft and Sony mostly rely on selling simple, half-baked, low-effort games that they know their audience will buy for their expensive systems, and let their customers' post-purchase rationalization do all the work for them, and that's what puts them on top.

    At this point, I don't think Fisher's suggestions would benefit Nintendo and they're better off continuing to do their own thing. Nintendo will probably go down in history as the most well-respected gaming company of all time, but respect means little to the general public, and means nothing for sales. I don't hold it against Fisher for looking out for their sales, but I don't feel his approach is beneficial at all, or at the very least at the current time.

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    I would grab that dude and throw him in the ocean. Nintendo is always at its best when they create, its what they're good at. Nintendo does have its way of doing thing and while the "hard-core" may not care about them, they as a business are more successful than sony and microsoft in the gaming section of both. Should they do some things differently, yes they should, would I recommend going to mobile devices? Nope

    As far as investors go, they only want a quick buck, if they had any passion for gaming they would not be trying push for unpopular business models.

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    Purchasing additional game objectives is a fine idea in my book. Purchasing changes to the basic game mechanics is ridiculous, IMO. Although who knows? The whole "trophies" and "achievements" thing has created a culture of gamers who head straight for the cheat websites as soon as they get home from the game store. Sad, sad, sad. But those types would probably love this.

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