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Thread: Disposable vs cloth

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    Default Disposable vs cloth

    I really have no desire to wear cloth but maybe that's because I never have.......I've always craved disposable diapers and an very picky on which ones I like. Do cloth diapers give you the awesome feeling that disposables do?? Just curious if they're worth a try.....

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    I think it is entirely based on your mind set. If you used cloth then in most cases you prefer cloth and vise-versa. I was a product of the '60s so I am a cloth fancier. I have tried adult disposable once and it was the most itch uncomfortable thing. Up front they are expensive but the cost dollar averaging makes them very affordable i.e. $160 versus $550 over the first year.

    However, reasonable pins and a good terry-cloth towel and you have a 1960 flat style diaper. If you do not like it you have two pins Or a box that you do not know what to do with and a new towel.

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    the feel is different, and obviously there's no crinkle or scent to them, but they are actually (in my opinion) more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. and of course, they are almost infinitely reusable, provided you know how to wash them properly. They are a huge money saver, and my 2 AIO's have virtually replaced my stash of disposables.

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    Depending on the specific diaper, cloth can be similar in feel and function to a disposable (as with some AIOs) or quite different (e.g. prefolds). I was a cloth baby, but also used disposables in my youth, so I identify with both to some extent.

    In the ABDL world, cloth doesn't seem to win too many converts, and I think that has a lot to do with our fetishy, less objective takes on these things. Some would probably like the economic benefit of cloth, for instance, but find that it doesn't "do anything" for them. My own position is a sort of equal-but-opposite thing: I very much like cloth prefolds, and I also very much like Pampers baby diapers and Pampers-like (baby-printed) adult diapers, but the vast expanse of four-tape plastic-backed adult incontinence diapers just doesn't stir me at all. We all have our odd preferences for sure!

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    I do still enjoy disposables from time to time (as a treat), but they are cost prohibitive for me, and I don't have the space to store a lot of them.

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    The first question is what do you want to accomplish. Are you wearing for need and want to control disposable costs? I wear for need, so I wear AIO's
    for night time use and control my monthly cost. All of my AIO's are from Dependeco and have different prints. If want just cuteness you can buy a couple
    of prints that appeal to you and you can wear them over your disposable diaper. Or you can use them with a stuffer and use them that way. You have to
    remember when you wet in a cloth diaper you feel the wetness all the time you have it on. That it is a good feeling when your sleeping. Cloth diapers are
    normally wider in the crotch so you have that waddling feel. Also when they get soaked they can have a good sag to them. They're not really practical to
    work in. You also will need some kind of cover if you wear flats or prefolds. Most people use plastic pants.

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    Well I'm not interested in really using them as they're intended. I don't know much about them at all. I was in them I'm sure as I was in the 70's generation. My attraction is disposables but just curious if I'm missing out. I'd love Pampers Baby Dry if they made like a size 10? Haha. Are cloths fitted around the legs or waist like disposables? Do they give you the square butt look we all love?

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    Cloth diapers are like extra-thick underwear and fit according to how they are made. All-in-ones (AIO) fit like a thick disposable with elastic in the leg area and have a waterproof outer layer. Other types fit differently and basically cover the crotch to waist with fabric. Cloth diapers are much better for me than disposables due to their reusable nature, ability to be doubled or tripled, and perfect fit. The 100% cotton softness agains the skin is unrivalled by any disposable. What I do not like about them is that they are not disposable.

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    Well I might have to try an AIO. Never's good to try something different. Live n learn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamperluv View Post
    Well I might have to try an AIO. Never's good to try something different. Live n learn
    The Dependeco AIO's have a back waist elastic as well as leg elastic's. Also have 4 Velcro tapes.

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